Maritime Careers Introduction

The Marine Exchange of Alaska through its Maritime Pride and Education Program can serve as a major source of information for Alaskan residents seeking careers in the maritime industry in Alaska.

A wide variety of careers and jobs exists in Alaska and the key to entering these career fields is education and training. Alaskan residents interested in a career in the maritime industry can pursue this career path by coming up through the hawsepipe i.e. by coming in at the entry level and sailing in an unlicensed capacity. Or, if qualified, they can start out with formal education at the university level leading directly to an undergraduate degree and a Coast Guard unlimited tonnage third mate or unlimited horsepower third assistant engineer’s license. Regardless of which course is of the most interest to you, the Marine Exchange of Alaska can provide the information you need to find your way to a satisfying and well paid career in the maritime industry.

The information here will lead you through the possibilities for different careers and different opportunities for training that exist in the maritime industry.


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