The STORMBIRD is an ex U.S. Army T Boat designed by Eldridge and McInnes to Navy specifications for the US Army. They were built to perform light towing, cargo and personnel transport. 86 of these steel vessels were built on contingency at the end of the Korean War. Most were dry docked and never saw service until the Government sold them off. Today over 50 are still in service worldwide. The US Coast Guard maintains 3 T-Boats on the Thames River in CT for training, another one runs cargo in the Caribbean, many have been turned into private yachts in their original configuration. The Sea Scouts have several and a few have undergone extensive yacht conversions. The STORMBIRD operates year round as a ferry from Homer across Kachemak Bay to Halibut Cove. She carries the mail twice a week to the dozen or so residents who live across the bay. She is inspected by the Coast Guard to carry 49 passengers. In the summer both the STORMBIRD and the DANNY J carry passengers to Halibut Cove where tourists can visit the art gallery, hike the scenic trails or beaches watching the wildlife or grab a bite to eat at the Saltry Restaurant. The STORMBIRD  has a registered length of approximately 62.2 feet (65 feet overall) with a beam of 17.7 feet. She is admeasured at 70 gross and 47 net tons. She is powered by a General Motors 8 V71 diesel engine.