Emergency Introduction

This section of the site provides the following emergency information on contacting the Coast Guard and other emergency responders (medical and oil spills), and State of Alaska emergency response agencies (e.g. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation).   It also provides information on the Coast Guard’s VHF radio network and AIS (Automatic Identification System) coverage in Alaska.

USCG and Capt. of the Port
Emergency contact information for the U.S. Coast Guard. and Captain of the Port
Federal, State and Local contact information
Medical contact information from the MXAK maritime database
Oil Spill Emergency Response and Cleanup
National and State environmental response organization contact information, Industry Funded Non-profit Oil Spill Response Organizations, and non-OSRO Commerial Spill Response
VHF Coverage
Coast Guard VHF coverage charts for Alaska
AIS Coverage
Coast Guard and Marine Exchange of Alaska AIS coverage charts for Alaska
USCG Emergency Contact Numbers
Seventeenth District Rescue Center
(907) 463 2000
Sector Anchorage
907.428 4200
Sector Juneau
(907) 463 2980
MSU Valdez
(907) 835 7200
Report Oil Spills & Chemical Releases