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A Guide to the Medical Resources of Ports Served by Cruise Line Vessels



This document will be updated each March. Suggestions for improving the content and format can be sent to:

Shelley K. Owens, Health Program Manager
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Department of Health and Social Services
Box 110616
Juneau, AK 99811-0616

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Revised Changes

July 1996 Initial version released
August 1996

Runway lengths addedRevision history added Disaster section updatedValdez entry updated

September 1996 Ketchikan entry updatedEMS levels updated
January 1997 Ketchikan entry updatedPetersburg entry updated
March 1997 Completed annual update
March 1998 Completed annual update
March 1999 Completed annual update
May 1999 Corrected Providence Hospital Lifeguard phone number
June 1999 Updated Haines entry
July 1999 Corrected Anchorage entry
April 2000 Completed annual update; added Southeast feeder communities
March 2001 Completed annual update