Coast Guard Auxiliary and Active Duty Contacts for Scheduling UPV / 5 Star Examinations
If no one is listed for your community, contact the nearest Coast Guard Sector Command or Marine Safety Detachment

Telephone (907)
Cell (907)
E Mail
Anchorage Roy Stoddard 349-7903 748-5666
  Gary Taylor 244-0352
  Sig Murphy 345-6664
  Dean Trencio 345-1654
  USCG Anchorage 271-6700   Ask for Prevention Department
Whittier Sig Murphy 345-6664
  Roy Stoddard 349-7903 748-5666
  USCG Anchorage 271-6700   Ask for Prevention Department
Seward Gary Taylor 244-0352
  Sue Lang 224-8237
  George Leighton 776-8457 398-3526
  Bev Gurtler 376-6863
  USCG Anchorage 271-6700   Ask for Prevention Department

Kenai, Soldotna,Deep Creek,
Ninilchik, Anchor Point

George Leighton 776-8457 398-3526
  Stan Gerhauser 398-6548    
  USCG MSD Kenai 283-3292   Ask for Prevention Department
Homer Mike Riley 235-7681 399-7860
  Tom Youngblood 226-2149
  Sandy Mazen 235-6398
  USCG MSD Kenai 283-3292   Ask for Prevention Department
Kodiak USCG MSD Kodiak 486-5918   Ask for Prevention Department
Valdez USCG MSU Valdez 835-7200 or 7233   Ask for Prevention Department
Skagway Alan Sorum 983-2297 612-0166
  USCG Sector Juneau 463-2450 or 2471   Ask for Prevention Department
Juneau Bob Mattson 465-5349 789-5734
  Monika Renke 523-6017 355-6503
  Jo Boehme 790-3250
  Chris Conder 789-5482 321-7100
  USCG Sector Juneau 463-2450 or 2471   Ask for Prevention Department
Petersburg Brad Wells 518-0559
  USCG Sector Juneau 463-2450 or 2471   Ask for Prevention Department
Sitka Ken Ash 747-5168 738-5168  
  Mike Morris 747-8039
  Ted Allio 747-5124
  USCG MSD Sitka 966-5454   Ask for Prevention Department
Ketchikan William Halloran 247-8227
  USCG Ketchikan 225-4496   Ask for Prevention Department
How do I request and schedule a voluntary dockside examination?

If you are the owner or operator of UPV and want to participate in the program, call the nearest qualified US Coast Guard Auxiliary examiner, or if no Auxiliary examiner, the nearest US Coast Guard Sector Command Prevention Division to schedule an examination.

If you operate in a remote region with no full time active duty or qualified Auxiliary members, your inspection will be scheduled to coordinate with other USCG visits to the area to reduce travel and personnel costs. However, if you coordinate with other vessels in your port to all be available during the same time period, a dedicated trip for multiple inspections can be arranged. Contact the nearest Auxiliary or Sector Command for details.

If you are unable to contact the Auxiliary or Sector listed below, please call or email Rick Janelle at 907-463-2808 / for assistance.

Note: Future plans for this site will have an on line request form available.

Contact information to schedule a UPV and 5 Star examination:

Is there a fee?

No. There is no cost for the examination.

What do I need to do to prepare for the examination?

To be properly prepared for the examination, your vessel should be in operational condition. This examination can be conducted dockside or on a trailer. All required safety equipment should be on board and operational, and the vessel clean and orderly. The required charts and publications (or extracts) must be on board. Documents that are required include the current certificate of documentation or Alaska certificate of number, USCG license, and proof of enrollment in a drug testing program for all crew members.

For your assistance in preparing for the exam, a copy of the examination checklist is available for downloading on the main screen.

What are my obligations?

The UPV / 5 Star decal is valid for 2 calendar years. By accepting the decal, you are pledging to maintain your vessel in the same condition throughout this two year period. If you also participate in the 5 Star Safety program, you pledge to maintain and carry the additional safety equipment on each commercial voyage for the two year period.

How will Coast Guard monitor my compliance?

The USCG and USCG Auxiliary may conduct spot checks of vessels awarded the decal to ensure that required equipment is maintained. Failure to maintain the condition that led to your decal will result in remove of the decal.

Vessels that display a current UPV decal are less likely to be boarded by USCG units for underway safety checks. However, there is no guarantee. If your vessel is operating erratically, fails to follow rules of road, etc, you are more likely to be boarded regardless of the decal. Underway USCG boardings that find deficiencies are subject to violations.

What if I do not pass the dockside UPV examination?

Deficiencies found during the voluntary dockside examination will not result in a violation, but must be corrected prior to legal commercial operation as a UPV. The examination ensures and documents that you meet all regulatory requirements.

If you fail to meet the requirements for a UPV decal, no punitive actions will be taken. You will be given a list of your deficiencies, and will have 30 days to schedule a re-examination to check off those missing items. If more than 30 days elapses, a new entire inspection will be required.

Be advised that until the deficiencies are corrected, you should not operate the vessel commercially as you will be in violation. This could subject you to penalties or actions against your license.

If you also meet some or all of the 5 Star Safety items, you will be given credit for each item. The 5 Star Program is purely voluntary. Even if you do not meet any of the 5 Star requirements, you are still eligible for a UPV decal if all mandatory items are met. Your decal will lack the safety stars however.

Can I request an annual inspection?

Yes. Although the decal is valid for two years, annual re-exams can be requested to ensure your vessel remains in full compliance.