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Boyer Towing, Inc. is an Alaska company based in Ketchikan that provides freaigh service between Puget Sound and the North Slope of Alaska.

Our Fleet

The company operates 11 towing vessels ranging in size from 44 feet to 110 feet in length and from 350 to 3200 horsepower. Five of the these vessels are base in Ketchikan and six of them are based in Seattle. Boyer has eight barges classed for ocean service and five barges rated for service on inland waters.

Contact us for all your freighting needs anywhere in Alaska reachable via saltwater.

PO Box 8000
Ketchikan, Alaska

Telephone (907) 225 2090
FAX: (907) 226 4468


7318 4th Ave South
Seattle, Washington

Telephone: (206) 763 8696
FAX: (206) 767 9517


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