Our Crew

Current Staff

CrewOur staff is responsible for the daily operations of the Marine Exchange. The Executive Director and Assistant Director provide the vision and guidance to the rest of the crew as well as participating in the hands on operations which include consulting service on safety, security and marine operations and facilitation of commerce. The Business Manager looks after all things related to the financial side including billing and accounts receivable. The Special Projects Manager acts as the webmaster and consults on maritime safety and pollution prevention projects. The Operations Manager and his assistant oversee the vessel tracking system and participate in the installation of AIS Reception facilities from Ketchikan to Barrow. The Marine Information Specialists operate the tracking system 24 hours a day seven days a week and trouble shoot problems with tracking when they arise. The Information Specialists also provide the service of printing nautical charts on demand and the sale of navigational publications and instruments.


The Board of The Marine Exchange of Alaska is responsible for providing advice to the Executive Director of the Marine Exchange on the conduct of the operations of the Marine Exchange. The board of directors meets annually in the fall and reviews the finances, operations and new initiatives proposed by the Executive Director.

Founding Members

When the Marine Exchange was founded the Marine Industry in Alaska favored the idea and assisted in the founding of the Marine Exchange with seed money and the pledge of membership and support. The original founding member organizations were responsible for creation of the Marine Exchange of Alaska and are listed at the above link.




Top row left to right: Ed Haney, Watch Supervisor; Leo Demeo, watchstander; Clifton Miller, AIS Installer; Steve Lanwermeyer, Lead AIS Installer; Ed Page, Executive Director, Rick Sypeck, Administrative Assistant; Bill Benning, Chief Technical Officer. Bottom Row left to right: Brett Farrell, Assistant Director; Kristin McAdoo, Finance Manager; Ed Mayer, Technology Manager; Don Bodron, Special Projects Manager, Michael Patterson, watchstander. Not shown: Bryan Hinderberger, AIS Installer; Christ Watson, watchstander and Toni Wisner, watchstander.

Entire Marine Exchange crew as of August 2013 . . . see staff page for names and bios . . .