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Crash Stop" requirement removed - 09/26/2005

The Coast Guard is permanently removing a "crash stop" requirement for tanker escort vessels in Prince William Sound and Puget Sound. This requirement appeared in a final rule published in 1994, but was suspended for safety reasons before it ever went into effect. Complete details are in the Federal Register Notice below.

Federal Register Notice

Crash Stop Requirement Removal

McCurnin Nautical Charts available in Alaska - 09/01/2005

The McCurnin Nautical Charts main office in Metairie, Louisiana, has been evacuated due to the floodwaters from Lake Pontchartrain, spilling over into the greater New Orleans area as a result of hurricane Katrina. All of the McCurnin staff have safely evacuated the area, but the Metairie office will be unable to function for the foreseeable future. The McCurnin Nautical Charts office at the Marine Exchange of Alaska is up and running and nautical chart orders can be filled by the Alaska Office. Contact Leo DeMeo at (907) 463 2607 for any nautical charts or publications you may require.

Chart Order Form

NOAA expands marine weather broadcasts - 08/31/2005

VHF Weather Radio broadcasts are now available in central Chatham Strait on 162.500 MHz. In partnership with the US Coast Guard 17th District, the National Weather Service is broadcasting weather information 24 hours a day from a new high level VHF-FM transmitter near Manleyville on eastern Baranof Island. Station KAD-96’s broadcast coverage area extends from roughly Angoon to Kuiu Island. The NWS in Juneau would appreciate feedback on the broadcast's range, clarity, and content. You may contact your forecast office through their website at the link below or by calling 790-6802.

National Weather Service Juneau

Marine Exchange hosts McCurnin Nautical Charts - 08/19/2005

Recently the Marine Exchange of Alaska hosted meetings in Juneau with personnel from its partner company McCurnin Nautical Charts, Inc. of Metairie, Louisiana. Through this partnership the Marine Exchange of Alaska is able to offer "print on demand" nautical charts to the Alaska Marine Community. "Print on demand" charts are printed at the Marine Exchange Network Operating Control Center in Juneau. When printed these charts are all corrected-up-to-date with the latest Notice to Mariners and information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and immediately ready for use. In addition to the charts, the Marine Exchange also offers a complete inventory of publications useful to the mariner such as Coast Pilots, Tide and Current Tables and Light Lists. Contact Leo DeMeo at (907) 463 2607 for further information or to order a chart.

In the photograph: Back row left to right Leo DeMeo Marine Exchange Data Manager, Diane McCurnin, Samantha Brown Marine Exchange Administrative Manager, Patrick Thompson, McCurnin Nautical Charts; bottom row Captain Ed Page,Executive Director Marine Exchange of Alaska and Pat McCurnin, McCurnin Nautical Charts

MARSEC level lowered . . . - 08/12/2005

Today the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was lowering the national threat level for the mass transit portion of the transportation sector from Code Orange, or "high," to Code Yellow, or "elevated."

These changes will be effective today, August 12, 2005, at 8:00 p.m. Accordingly, the Coast Guard Captains of the Port nationwide are lowering the Maritime Security level for large passenger ferries from level two to level one at the same time.

At this time, there is no specific, credible intelligence information indicating an attack to any ferry system.

While the threat level is being lowered at this time, the U. S. Coast Guard continues to urge state and local officials, transportation authorities and the general public to remain alert. Vigilance is very important and we encourage all citizens on or near the region’s waterways to keep a watchful eye for items left unattended or suspicious activity and report these incidents to local authorities immediately or call 1-800-424-8802 or 1-877-24WATCH.

Remember: “See Something…Say Something!