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Homeland Security issues proposed rule for ID's - 05/12/2006

The Department of Homeland Security issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the Transportation Worker Identification Program. Under this program, workers who require unescorted access to secure areas at maritime facilities or on vessels must undergo a security threat assessment and if found to not pose a security threat, they would obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential. But, there are other complicated and possibly expensive provisions in this large (277 pages) rulemaking document and facility operators should pay close attention and comment if the rulemaking impacts your operation. Complete details are in the federal register notice below.


Federal Register on Transportation Worker Identification Credentials

New District Commander visits Marine Exchange . . - 05/09/2006

The Marine Exchange of Alaska hosted the incoming Commander of the Seventeenth Coast Guard District at the Marine Exchange Network Operations Control Center in Juneau on May 9th. As part of his area familiarization and introduction to Alaska, Rear Admiral Arthur E. Brooks was briefed on Marine Exchange of Alaska operations by the Marine Exchange Executive Director Captain Ed Page. The Admiral was given an explanation of the Marine Exchange of Alaska programs that promote safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound operations in the State. The Admiral was also given a demonstration of the Marine Exchange’s Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System’s (ASVTS) capabilities.

Admiral Brooks will assume command of the 17th Coast Guard District on Friday, May 12th in a ceremony held in Juneau, Alaska. Admiral Olson, who is the senior aviator in the Coast Guard and has had several assignments in Alaska during his distinguished 34 year career, will be retiring from the service.

In photograph left to right: the new Commander of the Seventeenth Coast Guard District Rear Admiral Arthur E. Brooks, Executive Director of the Marine Exchange of Alaska Captain Ed Page, present Commander of the Seventeenth Coast Guard District Rear Admiral James C. Olson, Assistant Director of the Marine Exchange Brett Farrell and Marine Exchange Operations Manager Bill Benning.

USCG Requests Comments on Vessel Stability . . . - 05/03/2006

The US Coast Guard issued a Notice requesting public comments on voluntary interim measures for certain domestic vessels to account for increased passenger and vessel weight when determining the number of passengers permitted. This rulemaking comes as a result of some recent vessel casualties where small passenger vessels may have been operating with reduced stability characteristics due to the weight of the passengers onboard. The Coast Guard stability parameters for small passenger vessels are based on an average weight for an adult passenger. These weights were established in the 1960's. A study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has established that the average weight of adult Americans has increased dramatically in the last 40 years. The interim measures and a future Coast Guard proposed rulemaking will take this information into account in determining the number of persons allowed onboard.Complete details are in the federal register notice below.


Federal Register on Passenger Weight Increases