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MARAD Launches Merchant Marine Outreach System - 06/06/2006

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) has announced the creation of the new web-based Mariner Outreach System (MOS). The system will improve MARAD’s ability to contact mariners during a national sealift emergency. Merchant mariners provide crucial sealift to U.S. Armed Forces for overseas missions, and recently provided vital support for hurricane recovery efforts. The MOS, which will be operated by MARAD as a service to mariners, will also improve MARAD’s ability to communicate with them and to solicit feedback through questionnaires and surveys.

The MOS also allows mariners to review their U.S. Coast Guard qualifications/sea service and provide up-to-date changes to their contact information.

Mariners can access the system from anywhere in the world through a secure website at

For further information on the MOS contact the Office of Sealift Support at (202)366-3423 or at 400 Seventh St., Room 7304, Washington, DC 20590.

MARAD Mariner Outreach System

Link to MARAD MOS Web Site

Sector Juneau Issues Guidance for Tongass Narrows - 06/06/2006

The Captain of the Port Southeast Alaska has issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin regarding traffic and interactions between float planes and deep draft vessels operating in Tongass Narrows. In addition the Tongass Narrows Voluntary Waterway Guide has been reissued for 2006 and contains vital information for all users of the Tongass Narrows. See the attached documents for more details.

Tongass Narrows Voluntary Waterway Guide and Marine Safety Information Bulletin

Marine Safety Information Bulletin

Tongass Narrows Voluntary Waterway Guide

EPA Sets Low Sulfur Fuel Deadline for Alaska - 06/06/2006

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on June 6, 2006, issued a rule which basically states that beginning June 1, 2010, diesel fuel used in highway, nonroad, locomotive and marine diesel engines in Alaska must meet a 15 ppm (maximum) sulfur content standard. The issue of using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in rural Alaska has been pending for some time. In 1995 the State of Alaska received a temporary waiver and a postponement of the application of these rules. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Air Quality Air Non Point and Mobile Sources Program has been closely following these issues and has volumes of information on the issue posted on its web site. Links are provided below. Complete text of the rule is in the attached Federal Register.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Requirements for Rural Alaska

Federal Register

Air Non Point & Mobile Sources DEC Web Site

Background Info on Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Rule as it Applies to Alaska from ADEC

Valdez Narrows Security Zones Defined . . . - 06/02/2006

The Coast Guard proposes to revise its Security Zone for Port Valdez and Valdez Narrows again. This change would include more accurate position information for the boundaries of tank vessels navigating on the Valdez Narrows Optimum Trackline and establish when the Valdez Narrows Tanker Optimum Trackline is activated and subject to enforcement. More details are in the attached text of the Federal Register.

Valdez Narrows Security Zone

Federal Register