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Tongass Narrows Waterway Guide . . . - 05/04/2007
Coast Guard Sector Juneau published a new version of the Tongass Narrows Waterway Guide for 2007. The Marine Exchange provides a copy of the waterway guide at the link below. The guide is also available at MSD Ketchikan and at Sector Juneau.

Tongass Narrows Waterway Guide for 2007

Tongass Narrows Waterway Guide for 2007

Safe Port Act Hearings . . . - 04/30/2007
On April 26, the Subcommittee on Border, Maritime & Global Counterterrorism of the House Committee on Homeland Security conducted an oversight hearing on implementation of the SAFE Port Act. Numerous Coast Guard, Customs and Transportation Security Administration officials testified on the implementation status of their programs. Captain Ed Page, the Executive Director of the Marine Exchange of Alaska, accompanied Captain Manny Aschemeyer, Executive Director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, who represented the Maritime Information Services of North America (MISNA) and discussed the role of marine exchanges in carrying out the provisions of the Safe Port Act. Captain Aschemeyer expressed puzzlement that the US Coast Guard had not yet accepted the offer of MISNA to share information collected through the Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System (ASVTS).

MISNA Testimony on Safe Port Act

MISNA Comments on Safe port Act Implementation vis a vis Vessel Tracking

TWIC Card Summary Released . . . - 04/23/2007
The Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security released another power point with another summary of information regarding the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards. This one summarizes the program and has information about costs and implementation dates. Most of the information had been published before, but the summary is useful and worth perusing.

TWIC Card Summary of Known Information

TWIC Card Summary

CDC Lists Quarantine Information . . . - 04/09/2007
The Center for Disease Control has provided guidance on the reporting requirements for illnesses onboard ships arriving in United States ports. A contact list of quarantine stations and a summary of the reporting requirements are provided in the documents posted below.


CDC Reporting Cooperation Letter

Illness Reporting Guidelines & Regulations

Quarantine Stations Contact List

List of CDC Quarantine Stations

Coast Guard Meeting on Tongass Waterway . . . - 04/06/2007
Coast Guard Sector Juneau announced that it will be holding a public meeting April 10, 2007, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Crows Nest at ISC Ketchikan to discuss and receive feedback on the Tongass Narrows Waterway User guide. Complete details are in the press release below.


Press Release re: Tongass Narrows User Guide