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IMO issues new LRIT procedures and protocols - 12/19/2008

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved new procedures and protocols for Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) that were recently published online:

LRIT System, Technical Documentation, Part 2, (164-page document in pdf format):

LRIT Operations, Exemptions, and Equivalents, (7-page pdf):

LRIT Survey and Certification, (22-page pdf):

LRIT Requests Related to Search and Rescue, (8-page pdf)

LRIT Implementation, (18-page pdf)

LRIT Transitional Arrangements and Accelerated Completion, (9-page pdf)

24 Hour Watch Set at Marine Exchange ... - 12/15/2008 Map of AIS stations

Marine Exchange Stands up a 7x24 Hour Watch

With the Marine Exchange tracking hundreds of vessels via both satellite transponders and the Marine Exchange’s 60+ AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiving sites in Alaska, the importance of monitoring the operation of the system, taking action to troubleshoot and restart systems and manage the information on vessels has required our standing up a 24 hour watch. As the Marine Exchange’s vessel tracking system is providing information that plays a key role in aiding safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible maritime operations it is imperative it is operational 99% of the time. With funds received from a State of Alaska grant and user fees, we were able to stand up this watch. Fortunately, we were able to find experienced mariners with Alaska experience to staff our Operations Center. Ed Sasser, Ed Haney, Brian Vreeland and Leo DeMeo are our point men on vessel tracking 24 hours a day. (Graphic of 60+ AIS sites extending from Barrow, to Adak to Ketchikan.)

USCG Proposed AIS and Notice of Arrival Regs - 12/15/2008

The Coast Guard issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that seeks to amend the vessels required to be equipped with AIS.   This proposed rule is open to comment for four months.  Should these regulations be passed, they will go into effect seven months after a final rule is issued.  A copy of the NPRM is accessible by selecting the icon at the bottom of this page.

The key aspects of these regulations affecting the Alaska maritime community are the requirement that the following additional classes of vessels will be required to have AIS installed:

  1.  All commercial vessels (fishing included) over 65’
  2. All passenger vessels with more than 50 passengers
  3. All passenger vessels carrying more than 12 passengers for hire capable of speeds in excess of 30 knots
  4. All dredges and platforms operating near a navigable channel

This proposed rule also provides notice of proposed changes to the Advance Notice of Arrival regulations.

Coast Guard Proposed AIS and Notice of Arrival Regulations.docx

Regional Exam Center moves . . . - 12/12/2008

The U.S. Coast Guard moved its Regional Examination Center for Southeast Alaska to a storefront office at the Mendenhall Mall in Juneau on Monday.

Mariners can take professional exams and get help on applications for licensing at the Regional Examination Center.

The exam center moved from the Coast Guard Sector Juneau office on Sherwood Lane in Juneau.

The exam center is a field unit of the National Maritime Center in Martinsburg, W.Va.