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CDC Notice of Arrivals . . . September 28, 2010

The Coast Guard on 28 September 2010 issued a final rule regarding certain dangerous cargo (CDC) and notice of arrival requirements. This final rule will relieve an unnecessary burden on industry by including more lower-risk cargoes in the CDC residue category and thereby reducing the number of notice of arrival submissions required based on the cargo a vessel is carrying. Complete details are in the attached federal register notice.

Federal Register

Marine Exchange Installs AIS at Cape St. Elias . . . September 14, 2010

The Marine Exchange completed the installation of an AIS radio antenna, solar power panel array, battery installation and satellite haul back facility at the old Coast Guard light house at Cape St. Elias on the southwest tip of Kayak Island on September 12. 2010. All equipment was ferried out to the site by helicopter. The installation was performed by the Executive Director of the Marine Exchange Captain Ed Page and the Aassistant Technical Officer Steve Lanwermeyer.

See more information on the Cape St. Elias AIS Antenna Installation here . . .

Coast Guard Approval Regulations for Lifesaving Equipment . . . August 31, 2010

The US Coast Guard proposes to amend its regulations for certain lifesaving equipment, including launching appliances, release mechanisms, survival craft, rescue boats, and automatic disengaging devices. The proposed rules would harmonize the Coast Guard’s design, construction, and performance standards for this lifesaving equipment with international standards. The proposed rules also provide for use of qualified independent laboratories, instead of Coast Guard inspectors, during the approval process and for production inspections of certain types of lifesaving equipment. Comments on this proposal should be submitted by November 29. Complete details are attached here.


Kirsten Anne

Sailing vessel Kirsten Anne transports MXAK staff to the Five Finger lighthouse to install AIS.

Five Finger Lighthouse AIS Site Operational . . .June11, 2010

On 11 June, Marine Exchange staff completed the installation of an AIS (Automatic Identification System)  Receiving Station at Five Finger Lighthouse with the help of Lighthouse Keeper Edd McIntosh.  Both the AIS receiver and the wireless modem that sends the data back to the Marine Exchange’s Operations Center are solar powered.  This strategically located  AIS receiver has expanded the Alaska maritime safety net by extending vessel tracking coverage in Frederick Sound and Stephens Passage as well as into Tracy Arm.

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