17th District Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Coast Guard


Date: March 17, 2006 
Contact:Petty Officer Thomas McKenzie 
(907) 463-2065
After 4 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, (907) 463-2001

Press Release

Coast Guard creates Sector Juneau and Sector Anchorage

JUNEAU, Alaska -   The Coast Guard has established Sector commands by integrating Groups, Marine Safety Offices, Vessel Traffic Services, and, in some cases, Air Stations, to more effectively manage our operational environment.

Sector Commands integrate traditional Coast Guard program-based organizational structures (i.e. search and rescue, aids to navigation, and marine environmental protection) employed at Groups and MSOs into a single command that executes all operational missions through integrated prevention and response staffs. This new organizational construct represents a transformation from a Coast Guard traditionally organized around its operation programs, to one organized around core operational service delivery processes. The recent approval of Sector Juneau and Sector Anchorage in the 17th Coast Guard District marks the end of the first phase of this reorganization leading to initial operating capability (IOC) in May 2006.

The Sector Command will include all subordinate unit commands within the area of responsibility, with the exception of air stations and some buoy tenders that will remain district assets. In the 17th Coast Guard District, this will mean transfer of Coast Guard cutters Liberty, Anacapa, Naushon, Elderberry, Stations Juneau and Ketchikan to Sector Juneau. Transferred to Sector Anchorage will be CGCs Mustang, Long Island, Roanoke Island, Station Valdez, and Aids to Navigation Teams Kodiak as well as making MSO Valdez a subordinate Marine Safety Unit (MSU) to Sector Anchorage. Elements of MSO Valdez will become Sector Field Office (SFO) Valdez.

The goal in implementing Sectors is to integrate command and control functions. It will be necessary to shift a few command, control and support billets from some existing commands to unite the Sector staffs but there will continue to be a Coast Guard presence wherever one currently exists. According to Capt. Norman (Buddy) Custard, 17th Coast Guard District Chief of Response, "This organization change should be transparent to the general public. In some instances, our maritime partners in government and industry may be working with new points of contact." No Coast Guard cutters will be changing homeports. MSO Juneau will be renamed Sector Juneau, MSO Anchorage will become Sector Anchorage, and MSO Valdez will become a Marine Safety Unit (MSU) with a Sector Field Office(SFO).

The Sector organizational structure will be implemented in a phased approach beginning with a transfer of administrative control of assets and ending with a full administrative and operational control of Sector assets to the Sector Commander. The transition will proceed as resources and facilities become available and as personnel are assigned.

There will be an official commissioning ceremony of Sector Anchorage and Sector Juneau in May 2006.