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MXAK and McCurnin Nautical Announce Partnership - 12/27/2002

The Marine Exchange of Alaska is pleased to announce a new partnership with McCurnin Nautical Charts of New Orleans. The new venture is called McCurnin Nautical Charts of Alaska and is a affiliate of the Marine Exchange. With this combined effort we are establishing a world class, Alaska based chart and publication distributor at the Marine Exchange's office in Juneau. Our goal is to provide the information mariners need (charts, publications and regulations) to help ensure safe and environmentally sound maritime operations as well as help ensure compliance with applicable regulations

For further information please contact Leo DeMeo at (907) 463-2607

Inmarsat C or D+? - 12/06/2002

Reprinted with permission of Digital Ship (; article by Olaf Jansen, M.Sc., of Det Norske Veritas

IN THE PAST MONTHS, there have been presented some ideas about different satcom equipment to be used for satellite tracking of ships, also referred to as long range AIS. Inmarsat-C and Inmarsat-D+ are mentioned as alternatives. At this stage an open discussion to express viewpoints seems natural. continued...

MISNA, Coast Guard Sign Agreement to Work Together - 10/03/2002
Maritime Information Service of North America

For Immediate Release Contact: Robert T. Bohlman Thursday, October 3, 2002 206-443-3830

MISNA, Coast Guard Sign Agreement to Work Together - 10/03/2002

WASHINGTON, DC – Maritime Information Service of North America (MISNA) today announced that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the U.S. Coast Guard to address the common goals of ensuring that the nation’s Marine Transportation System (MTS), including waterways, vessels, and ports, are safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible. MISNA is a non-profit maritime organization dedicated to improving the flow of domestic and international commerce by facilitating information exchange. It is comprised of regional maritime associations which represent the full range of businesses, organizations and industries involved in waterborne commerce. The Marine Exchange of Alaska is a member of MISNA, and Captain Ed Page serves as the organization’s Vice President.

Signing on behalf of MISNA was President Robert T. Bohlman, and Admiral Paul J. Pluta, Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety, Security and Environmental Protection signed for the Coast Guard. “This is a forward-looking move by both MISNA and the Coast Guard,” Bohlman said, citing the fact that MISNA and its individual maritime association members often serve as “the voice of the port” with the federal agencies regulating maritime commerce. “It’s a rare opportunity for all industry to partner with the Coast Guard.”

The MOU formalizes the historical partnership the Coast Guard and MISNA have enjoyed since the organization was formed 10 years ago. It specifically recognizes MISNA’s international network and provides the Coast Guard with increased opportunity to both conduct port stakeholder outreach as well as achieve efficiencies in data collection and distribution. “Given the multi-mission nature of the Coast Guard,” Admiral Pluta said, “it is critical that we engage our private sector partners, particularly commercial maritime industry stakeholders, to help us achieve Maritime Domain Awareness. We are extremely pleased to have this opportunity to work with MISNA and its constituencies to in our efforts to improve current and future readiness.”

Over the last 10 years, MISNA has developed standards in automated vessel tracking and reporting. Most recently, it developed a proposal to establish an international Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System, which will provide real-time vessel positioning and other information to Coast Guard, other federal agencies, and the private sector on a need-to-know basis.

Bohlman believes that “The USCG simply does not have the resources it needs to achieve its mission, particularly given its increased port security responsibilities resulting from last year’s terrorist attacks. Through our network, maritime associations are uniquely well positioned to get Press Release the Coast Guard and others out of the information collection business and allow them to focus on what they do best – data analysis and risk assessment.” Last year, MISNA entered into an information-sharing agreement with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The MOU also calls for the USCG to work with closely with MISNA in the establishment of national MTS goals and policies in an effort to address marine safety, security and environmental protection issues. As MISNA represents the private sector, the formal working agreement will help ensure the Coast Guard also considers “best business practices” as it develops emerging rules and policies.

“This is an historic event, and one which will ultimately provide significant benefit to both the federal government and the commercial maritime industry,” Bohlman said. “We look forward to working with the Coast Guard to achieve their critical mission.”