Seabulk Pride

When the tankship SEABULK PRIDE was forced off the Tesoro Refinery Dock in Nikiski by a large ice flow and driven ashore on February 2, 2006, her movements were tracked by the Marine Exchange of Alaska's Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System (ASVTS).

Coast Guard photo of the SEABULK PRIDE where she came to rest along the bluff north of Rig Tender's Dock in Nikiski.

Track of SEABULK PRIDE as she moved north after being forced off the dock.

The track appears as the black balls with white centers connected by the red line.

Screen shot from the Marine Exchange's Automated Secure Vessel Tracking System (ASVTS) showing tugs

OSV MONARCH and OSV CHAMPION approaching SEABULK PRIDE to assist in her refloating.