Aug 4, 2008
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Possible TWIC Waiver for "Small Business" Mariners
Important TWIC Enrollment Notices
TWIC Enrollment Center Updates
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Possible TWIC Waiver for "Small Business" Mariners 

Senator Coleman (R-MN) has recently introduced a bill to waive the TWIC requirement for certain "small business" merchant mariners.  The bill, called the "Small Business and Fishing Guide Relief Act of 2008" proposes to waive the TWIC requirements for mariners serving on vessels which are not required to submit or maintain Vessel Security Plans.  This bill also specifies that the Department of Homeland Security shall assess the feasibility of providing a credit to those mariners who have previously enrolled in TWIC through reduced fees for USCG license renewals, etc.  The official text of this bill has not been released, but you can read an advance copy by following this link.
The Marine Exchange will closely monitor this bill as it moves through Congress and keep everyone updated. We are currently drafting a letter to Alaska's Congressional Delegation asking for their support of this bill and recommend that Alaska's charter boat associations, small passenger vessel operators, etc do the same.
Important TWIC Enrollment Notices 
1. Lockheed Martin is reporting that the ability to pre-enroll and make appointments online is currently limited.  Apparently the servers are being overwhelmed by the recent number of enrollees (nationwide).   They recommend either trying these online services at night (when the demand in the Lower 48 should be lower), or simply walking in to an enrollment center.  There is no requirement to pre-enroll or make an appointment.

2. As the initial mobile enrollment centers wind-down, here's something to consider:  If you enrolled at one of these sites and will not be in the same area when Lockheed Martin returns to issue & activate the cards, you should make plans to visit the fixed enrollment center which served the mobile site you used to enroll in order to activate your card. If your card is not activated during a mobile visit, the cards will be returned to one of the fixed centers below until a) you visit the fixed center and get it activated, or b) we can figure out another means of mobile activation.  If you fall into this category, I'd recommend planning ahead to visit the fixed center prior to the TWIC compliance dates (February 2009 for AK's facilities, April 2009 for all licensed mariners).

  •  Juneau is the fixed site serving Sitka, Petersburg, Wrangell, Craig, Ketchikan, Skagway, and Haines. 
  • Anchorage is the fixed site serving Kodiak, Cordova, and Dutch Harbor.
TWIC Enrollment Center Updates
The Valdez fixed enrollment center is open for business.  It is located at 501 E Bremner St.  Hours: 8:00a-4:30p
The Nikiski fixed enrollment center is open for business.  It is located at 50097 Kenai Spur.  Hours: 8:00a-4:30p

The Anchorage fixed enrollment center is open for business.  It is located at 619 E. Ship Creek Ave. Hours 8:00a-4:30p.
The Juneau fixed enrollment center is open for business.  It is located next to the "Bone & Joint" clinic building at 3200 Hospital Drive.  Hours: 8:00a-5:00p.
The Ketchikan mobile enrollment center is open for business  through Friday, August 15.  It is located at the Ketchikan Harbor Office (2933 Tongass Ave).  Hours: Mon/Wed 8:00a-1:00p & 2:00p-5:00p, Tues/Thurs/Fri 12:00p-4:00p & 4:30p-9:00p. 
The Kodiak mobile activation center opens today and will be issuing cards through Friday, August 22.  It is located at the KPD Shelikof Facility (405 Marine Way).  Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 7:30a-4:00p, Tues/Thurs 11:30a-8:00p.  The ability to make an appointment online has not yet been activated for this center but walk-ins are encouraged in the meantime.  Use the TWIC Deployment Website in the future if you want to make an online appointment.
Anticipated future mobile enrollment centers:
(Reminder: These dates are for planning purposes but are subject to change - I'll keep everyone updated if they do) 
Skagway: Aug 25-Aug 27 (Skagway P.D.)
Haines: Aug 28-Aug 29 (Haines Public Library)
Cordova (card activation visit): Sep 1-Sep 12 (Location TBD)
Sitka (card activation visit): 9/8-99/15 (Centennial Hall)
Dutch Harbor, Petersburg, Wrangell & Craig (card activation visits):  It's still early to nail down exact dates, but for planning purposes these will all likely occur during late-September & early October.

Brett Farrell
Marine Exchange of Alaska