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Oct 30, 2008
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Important Activation Update
Future TWIC Plans for Alaska
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Important Activation Update
On October 21st the network which is used to activate TWIC experienced a failure and remains inoperative.  Below is a release from TSA:
"Dear Stakeholders,
On October 21, there was a power outage at the government facility that houses the TWIC system.  Though power was quickly restored, the part of the system that facilitates activations was affected.  While TSA works to resolve this issue, workers nationwide will not be able to activate their cards until the week of Nov. 10.  TWIC program enrollment is still available nationwide and we encourage workers requiring a TWIC to enroll as soon as possible.

As a result of rescheduling activations, compliance for workers located at Captain of the Port Zones Buffalo, Detroit, Lake Michigan, Sault Ste. Marie and Duluth has been moved from Oct. 31 to Dec. 1, 2008.
We are making every effort to minimize inconvenience to applicants who require activation.  In addition to reaching out directly to those who have had appointments scheduled, we're proactively notifying all individuals who have credentials awaiting activations via phone, e-mail, or both.

Our Web site,, and help desk, 1-866-DHS-TWIC, will be updated with information on activation schedules and compliance dates, including any revisions, as that information becomes available.
During this time, we ask for your continued support; please help us by relaying this information to your employees, members and/or stakeholders. 

Thank you.
The TWIC Outreach Team"
The mobile activation centers scheduled for Craig and Ketchikan have obviously been affected by this outage. The Marine Exchange intends to monitor this situation and work with Lockheed Martin to reschedule these mobile activation centers.  We will keep you updated via future newsletters.
This is also important information Alaska-wide.  Those of you who were intending to travel to a fixed site (Anchorage, Juneau, Nikiski, Valdez - or even Seattle) to activate your card - DON'T purchase a ticket until you confirm the activation system is functional and ready to start activations again.
Future TWIC Plans for Alaska 
As most of you know, once the Craig and Ketchikan mobile activations are complete, it's unlikely we'll see mobile enrollment and/or activation to this extent within Alaska again.  As a reminder, the current TSA contract with Lockheed Martin only specifies the establishment of the four fixed centers discussed in the article above.
Having said that, the Marine Exchange is still looking for long-term solutions to TWIC enrollment/activation in Alaska.  Here a few things we're currently working on:
  • We are working with Lockheed Martin and trying to arrange another mobile visit to Dutch Harbor.  There are quite a few folks out there who didn't receive their cards during the activation visit (for various reasons), and we also understand that there is a significant group of people who have been hired, and now require TWIC, since the original enrollment visit.
  • We are also working with Lockheed Martin, the Coast Guard, and several communities to come up with a plan to establish additional fixed enrollment centers.  One way to attack this is to convince TSA to modify the contract to allow more fixed centers, but we're exploring other options as well.  I'll keep everyone updated on our progress (I may even call you for help!)

Brett Farrell
Marine Exchange of Alaska
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