From: The TWIC Outreach Team
Date: 29 May 2008 6:58:11 AM GMT-08:00
Subject: TWIC - Valdez, AK

TWIC Stakeholders at the Port of Valdez, AK,

TWIC enrollment at the Port of Valdez will begin on June 4, 2008. Attached is a flyer regarding TWIC enrollment at the Port of Valdez which include hours of operation and location. Please feel free to use and distribute these materials throughout the Port of Valdez community.

Mobile Enrollment Centers will also be available for a limited time at the following locations within Alaska:
Kodiak, Cordova, Dutch Harbor, Petersburg, Wrangell, Craig, Ketchikan, Sitka, Skagway, and Haines. Please visit for updates on the dates, hours of operation and locations of these centers, and for additional information and updates on the Port of Valdez.

Thank you,

The TWIC Outreach Team