Atka Island
Site of the Marine Exchange's Newest AIS Installation

The non-profit Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network (MPRN) recently sponsored MXAK’s installation of an AIS receiving site at Atka Island to enhance the maritime safety net in the Aleutians.  MXAK technician Steve Lanwermeyer while in Atka doing the installation also conducted a “site survey” of the area and identified a location to install an AIS receiver at a higher location at a later time to provide greater coverage of the waters in the Western Aleutians.


The new installation shows fishing vessels offshore of Atka and a bulk carrier the WHITE CORAL transiting the Bering Sea enroute to China from Tacoma, Washington . . .

The Atka economy is based on subsistence living and wages earned from the halibut fishery. A small local fish processing plant, Atka Pride Seafoods, operates seasonally to serve the local fleet. They currently process halibut and black cod. A number of offshore fish processors carry out crew changes through Atka. A reindeer herd of over 2,500 head provides a source of meat. The Fish processing plant is the blue building in the foreground.

The Marine Exchange installed its AIS antenna in partnership with the City of Atka at a location in the village shown here. Access to the internet is provided by GCI, however AIS signal reception at the location is limited by the presence of mountainous terrain.

Looking across the state owned and city maintained airstrip across Nazan Bay.

Local fishing vessel traffic observed offshore of Atka island . . .

AIS reception is limited mostly to the east of Atka due to mountainous terrain.