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A non-profit maritime organization established to serve the Alaska maritime
community by providing information, communications and services to ensure safe,
secure, efficient and environmentally responsible maritime operations.


boat underwayThe MARINE EXCHANGE OF ALASKA (MXAK) was established in 2000 to bring the far flung Alaska maritime community together with the common goal of providing information, communications and services that aid safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible maritime operations. MXAK is applying 21st Century technologies of satellite and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to provide valuable safety, navigational and logistics information to the maritime community and to provide a virtual “Safety Net” that also contributes daily to the efficiency of maritime operations..   

Guided by a Board of Directors representing the diverse Alaska maritime community, MXAK has helped prevent maritime accidents, assisted responses to maritime casualties and aided the maritime community comply with state and federal regulations.  In February 2010, MXAK’s “substantial contribution to the Coast Guard that led to tangible results” was recognized by the 17th Coast Guard District Commander through presentation of the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Commendation.  In addition to the assistance MXAK’s vessel tracking system provided to the Coast Guard during several major marine casualties MXAK was recognized for the millions in dollars it saved the marine industry in complying with the new TWIC regulations.  

Alaska Maritime Operations

Alaska is this nation’s Maritime State! Over 10,000 commercial vessels sail the 33,000 miles of Alaska coastline and thousands of miles of rivers.  The opening of Arctic waters to maritime traffic are presenting new challenges with respect to maritime safety and environmental protection. The Marine Exchange of Alaska brokers valuable information to the maritime community on emerging maritime issues through the MXAK web site at ,periodic newsletters, workshops and other forums.…

Map of Bering Strait

Vessel transiting the Bering Strait tracked by MXAK’s AIS network.

Ice Breaker

AIS sites in Alaska

95+ MXAK AIS receiving stations in Alaska


The five major focus areas of the Marine Exchange are providing Vessel Tracking Services, Regulatory Compliance, Maritime Database and Information, Charts and Publications and Maritime Career Advocacy, referred to as our Maritime Pride and Education Program described on the following page.

Ship and map Cook InletVESSEL TRACKING:  MXAK has developed an expansive vessel tracking system in  Alaska with over 95 AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiving to aid safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound maritime operations.  Vessel owners, operators, ports, the Coast Guard, the State of Alaska and other authorized users may view vessels’ locations via MXAK’s secure PacTracs display system.


tugREGULATORY COMPLIANCE: MXAK’s staff has extensive experience in maritime operations in Alaska and other regions of the U.S. and have provided member companies’ assistance in complying with federal, state and international maritime safety, security, environmental and hazardous material handling and shipping regulations.  MXAK has also engaged in the regulatory process to represent the Alaska marine industry’s perspective and to ensure the unique and costly challenges of complying are taken into consideration.


MXAK siteMARITIME DATABASE:  MXAK’s Maritime Database serves the entire Alaska maritime community by providing comprehensive information on maritime services, emergency contacts, port data, careers, locations of vessels, regulations, and navigational information provided via the internet.  MXAK’s Maritime Database is quickly developing into the  “Go To” place for marine related information:


Coast Pilot and chartsCHARTS AND PUBLICATIONS:  MXAK has obtained specialized equipment to print NOAA approved “Print on Demand” nautical charts.  These “Made in Alaska” charts are printed on durable, water resistant paper with brighter colors than ordinary charts.  The charts are up to date with all of the Notice to Mariner changes in effect at the time of printing.  MXAK also has other nautical publications (regulations, Coast Pilots, etc. ) available.


ship tied upMARITIME PROFESSIONS:  Skilled, professional mariners are essential for providing safe maritime operations.  MXAK’s outreach programs highlight the vital role the maritime community plays in Alaskan’s welfare and the measures the marine industry has taken to ensure safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible operations.   This program seeks to employ more Alaskans in maritime professions.



Serving the Alaska Maritime Community

  • Fishing Vessels
  • Towing Industry
  • Ports
  • Marine Pilots
  • Passenger Vessels and Ferries
  • Cruise Ships
  • Bulk and Break Bulk Ships
  • Container Ships
  • Tankers
  • Recreational Boats
  • Oil Spill Response Organizations

Alaska Flag


For more information on membership and application see our “Membership” section on our web site at

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