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The Marine Exchange Navigation section provides the tools linked below for use as aids to safe navigation.

To acess the navigation portion of the Marine Exchange database, use the following list of navigation services and links.

Local Notice To Mariners
U.S. Coast Gaurd Seventeenth District Local Notice to Mariners

Tide and Current calculator for Alaska

Sunrise / Sunset
Determine the time of sunrise and sunset for any location

Coast Pilot
Latest Coast Pilot data for a variety of Alaskan Ports

Print on Demand Charts
NOS Print on Demand Charts & Chart Maker Program

National Oceanographic Service information and links

Light List
List of chart-defined lights in Alaska

Marine Band Communications
VHF-FM & SSB Information

Navigation Rules
International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea (72 COLREGS) and the U.S. Inland Rules

Seabed Cable Charts
Underway Cable Charts & Position

Arctic Maritime Safety Information (AMSI)
Arctic Maritime Safety Information (AMSI) database for the Arctic Ocean.