Welcome to Sand_Point, AK
55° 19' 54 N 160° 30' 4 W

Humboldt Harbor on the E side of Popof Strait 1.3 miles NE of Sand Point, is an excellent shelter with good holding ground.  Sometimes a second anchor is needed to prevent dragging during strong SW winds.  Vessels can anchor in 10 fathoms 0.3 mile offshore whith Humboldt Harbor Breakwater Light 2 bearing 105° and Popof Strait Entrance Light 1 bearing 005°

A small-boat basin, protected by breakwaters, is in Humboldt Harbor. The S breakwater is marked by two lights; the N breakwater is marded at the S end by a light.  In August 2002, except for lesser depths along the sides, depts. in the basin were generally 13 to 18 fee. The basin provides moorage for 148 craft.  The harbormaster assigns berths.  The harbormaster’s office moniters VHF-FM channel 6.

Sand Point, on the N side of Humboldt Harbor, is a fishing port. The westernmost warf at the village is owned by the Trident Seafood Company. The warf has a 300-foot face with 24 feet alongside.  A machine shop at theplant can make minor repairs to vessels.  The oil warf, the esternmost and smaller of the two, has a 60-foot face with 15 feet alongside.

The freight dock, known locally as the ferry dock, is located at the end of the S breakwater of the small boat basin and has a 200-foot face with 30 feet alongside.  Dolphins lie 80 feet off each end for mooring large vessels.  This pier is used the the Alaska State Ferry and is operated by the Harbormaster, who can be reached via VHF-FM radio or phone at 907-383-2331

Quarantine, customs, immigration, and agricultural quarantine

Quarantine is enforced in accordance with regulations of the U.S. Public Health Service.
Gasoline, diesel, water, and maritime supplies are readily available.  A travel-lift is available in the small boat basin.
The Alaska State Ferry System has monthly service available during the summer months.  Air service is available 6 times weekly to Anchorage.  The municipal airport and two warves are located on the N side of the spit at Sand Point.
The easternmost pier is owned by Peter Pan Seafood; 200-foot face with 20 feet alongside.  The western pier, owned by Trident Seafoods, is in poor condition and inaccessible to vehicles.

Pilotage, Humboldt Harbor

Pilotage, except for certain exempted vessels, is compulsory for all vessels navigating the waters of the State of Alaska.
The Alaska Peninsula is served by the Alaska Marine Pilots and Southwest Alaska Pilots Association.
Vessels using Southwest Alaska Pilots Association pilots and en route to ports in Popof Strait can contact the pilot boat by calling “SQUAW HARBOR PILOT BOAT” or “HUMBOLDT HARBOR PILOT BOAT” or “SAND POINT HARBOR PILOT BOAT” on VHF-FM channel 16 or on a prearranged frequency between pilot and agent/vessel.

General Vicinity of Sand Point . . . The town is located on the northwest side of Popof Island on Humboldt Harbor off Popof Strait . . .