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PORT ROADS CLOSED TO PUBLIC The Port of Anchorage has initiated an aggressive review of its security program. Until further notice, all Port properties and roads are closed to the public. All inbound traffic to the Port will be monitored. This includes both commercial truck traffic and private vehicles. Drivers must have proper identification. Individuals having business at the Port must have a confirmed sponsor. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic will not be permitted to enter the Port. The Port will issue permit decals to all qualified individuals and businesses having a legitimate reason to enter Port properties. Any vehicle or individual that has a need to conduct business at the Port will be required to show proper identification and proof of business. One-day guest passes will also be available for individuals who are not frequent visitors provided they could identify a Port sponsor. Anyone not having a valid reason to be on Port properties will be denied entry.

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Communications: WHJ82 Monitor Channel 16
Navigation: Port is open year round. Some Drift and harbor ice during winter (November through April). Vessels are required to use pilots from Homer on into Upper Cook Inlet.
Harbor Regulations: The Port Director assigns berths and enforces harbor regulations. Terminal tariff and labor rates available upon request.

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Warehousing: Ample public/private warehousings available in the area.
Port Security: 24-hour coverage. All transit areas fences. Access controlled.
Services: Fresh water, telephones, contracted fueling services, sewer and garbage.
Customs: Anchorage is a Port of Entry. Foreign Trade Zone.
Steamship Lines Serving Port: Horizon Lines, 2 calls/week, Tacoma, Washington orgin. Totem Ocean Trailer Express Inc, (TOTE), RO-RO trailered general cargo, 2 call/week, Tacoma, Washington orgin.
Labor: Stevedores quote 4 gangs available with 4 hour notice, 10 gangs available on 12 hour notice.
Pier Vessel Capacities, Draft, Tides and Currents

Maxium vessel tonnage 60,000 DWT
Maximum L.O.A. and breadth - None
P.O.L. Terminal No. 2
Maximum Vessel Tonnage -35,000 DWT
Maximum L.O.A. 600'
Maximum draft alongside - Dredged to -35' MLLW
Tidal range - Average tide: +29'
Extreme high water: +35.5 MHHW
Extreme low water: -5.7'
Currents: 0 to 6 knots or more mid-channel