Valdez Harbor Information

Welcome to Valdez, AK
61° 7' 35 N 146° 20' 42 W

Valdez Small-Boat Harbor, the small-boat harbor to the E of the fuel pier, is entered between two breakwaters at the E end. Two seafood plant piers are just inside on the S shore. In June 2000, the controlling depths were 12 feet in the entrance channel to the basin, except for lesser depths to 7 feet along the E and W edges of the channel, thence in 1997, 10 to 12 feet in the basin, except for severe shoaling in the SE corner at the head of the project. The far E end of the basin is locally maintained and has depths of 10 to 12 feet. A light is shown from the E and W breakwaters. The harbor can accommodate about 520 boats, and transient berths are also available. The harbormaster assigns berths, can be contacted on VHF-FM channel 16, and uses channel 8 as a working frequency. Water, electricity, fuel, telephone, cable TV, boat-launching ramps, and a 60-ton mobile vertical boat lift are available in the harbor. A tide grid is available for underwater repairs.


Vessel Maintenance Facilities
Fishermen’s Dock equipped with #4,000 and #10,000 marine hoists.
Tidal Grid capable of handling vessels up 120 feet in length and not more than 250 gross tons.
Boat Launch Ramp usable at all tides.
60 Ton Marine Travelift
Hydraulic boat trailer capable of handling vessels up to 41 feet long and not more than #33,000.
Vessel transportation can be arranged state-wide.
Two 40 ft. by 80 ft. concrete washdown pads equipped with water, 110 and 220 volt electrical service.
Eight 24 ft. by 60 ft. concrete vessel maintenance stations equipped with water, 110 and 220 volt electrical service.
Restrooms, pay phones, showers and vessel pump-out facilities located within the harbor.
Services Available to Vessels
Two marine fuel docks.
Marine supply stores.
Commercial divers.
Welding and fabrication shops.
Commercial motor carriers.
Air Freight.
Freezer Storage.


Valdez City Dock (61°07'27"N., 146°21'42"W.): 600-foot face with 25 feet alongside; deck height, 22 feet; receipt and shipment of fish; mooring of vessels; fueling by truck; water, garbage, wastewater disposal and telephone available; owned by the city and operated by Nautilus, Inc.

The City Dock is a 600 ft. wharf.
Services available include: water, lights, phone, and garbage disposal.
Fueling and wastewater disposal services are available through private companies.


Port of Valdez, General Cargo and Container Wharf: 1.5 miles E of the small-boat harbor at Ammunition Island; concrete, floating offshore wharf with two 300- by 38-foot steel and concrete approach ramps from landfill at rear. The wharf has 700-foot face, 1,200 feet total berthing space with dolphins; 56 feet reported alongside; deck height, 15 feet; 21 acres of open storage; nine 522,000-bushel capacity grain silos; two cranes are available; receipt and shipment of containerized and general cargo and ammunition; one 150-ton crane, three 100-ton cranes, and forklifts are available; owned and operated by the city Valdez. The terminal and adjacent waters are within a Safety Zone. (See §165.1703, chapter 2, for limits and regulations.)


Petroleum Dock: 133 yards E of City Dock; 200-foot face, 300 feet of berthing space with dolphins; 30 to 36 feet alongside; deck height, 22 feet; shipment of petroleum products; pipelines extend from wharf to storage tanks in rear, total capacity 176,225 barrels; owned and operated by North Pacific Fuel/Petro Star.

(433) When approaching this pier care must be taken to avoid a 3-fathom shoal extending about 100 yards out from the W breakwater of the small-boat harbor to E.





Berths Basic information —

Number — 4
Types — 1 floating, 3 fixed platform
Designation —

Fixed platform — Berths 3, 4 and 5
Floating — Berth 1
Flotation, floating berth — 13 buoyancy chambers

Loading arms, number and size, each berth, by berth type —

Fixed platform — Four, 16 in.
Floating — Four, 12 in.
Loading rate, each berth, by berth type —

Fixed platform — 100,000 bbl./hr.
Floating — 80,000 bbl./hr.
Operating platform, size, by berth type —

Fixed platform — 122 ft. 6 in. long, 46 ft. wide
Floating — 390 ft. long, 96 ft. wide
Tanker Vapor Recovery — Berths 4 and 5 are fitted with vapor recovery arms to collect vapors released during tanker loading. Tanker Vapor Control System brought on-line Mar. 19, 1998

Time required to close loading arm emergency shutoff valves — 6 seconds

Water depths at berths (mean low water) —

Berth 1 — 110 ft.
Berths 3 and 4 — 90 ft.
Berth 5 — 80 ft.