Haines Harbor Fees


No vessels over sixty-five feet in length shall use the present grid. Use of the grid shall be under the direction of the harbormaster and fees shall be charged according to the following schedule:

$10.00 for each 24-hour period or portion thereof up to 72 hours.

Usage after the first 72 hours: $25.00 for each 24-hour period or portion thereof. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984; Ord. 784 §5 1/20/99)

16.12.040 Net tending and storage of fishing gear.

Areas set aside for net tending and storage of fishing gear shall be at the discretion and under the direction of the harbormaster. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.30.010 (c))

16.12.050 Open mooring.

Float areas not otherwise occupied or posted for restricted use shall be designated for open mooring. Such areas shall be open to all members of the public primarily for transient and other temporary use for mooring boats. Large boats may be assigned designated mooring spaces in open moorage by the harbormaster. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.30.010(e))

16.12.060 Stalls.

Stalls are numbered areas enclosed by floats set at an angle to the finger floats and designated for the exclusive use of privately owned boats, both commercial and pleasure, upon the owners thereof having first made arrangements with the harbormaster and having paid in advance to the city treasurer the stall rent provided in this title. Each stall shall be numbered in such a manner that its location can be readily determined. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.30.010(d); Ord. 734 §5(part), 5/28/97)

16.12.070 Wharf areas.

Wharf areas are the designated areas of the master float, suitably posted and marked, to be used by the general public without charge, only for the purposes of loading and unloading supplies, equipment and stores. No boat shall be moored in such designated areas for any longer than is reasonably necessary for loading and unloading. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.30.010 (b)

16.12.080 Boat launch ramps.

The boat launch ramps located in the Haines Small Boat Harbor, Letnikof Cove and at the Lutak Dock are facilities maintained by the City under the direction of the Harbor Master. Such facilities shall be open to all members of the public for the launching and recovering of vessels at a fee as set out in section 16.16.135 (Ord. 693 §5 May, 1996)


16.16.010 Assignment of spaces.

Assignment of use of a designated and numbered space, either stall side mooring or bow mooring, shall be made by the harbormaster who shall give the boat owner a duplicate of the stall rental agreement. Presenta­tion of this duplicate shall be made to the city treasurer when making payment of the fee indicated thereon. Boat owners may retain space rented by them only so long as they continue to be boat owners. If a boat owner sells or disposes of his boat, he may retain the space until the end of the rental period and may not renew the same unless he has acquired or given notice of intent to acquire another boat within a reasonable time. Other­wise, the stall shall be assigned to the first appropriate-sized boat on the waiting list. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.010­(h); Ord. 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)

16.16.020 Use of stall pertains to owner of boat.

No property rights are created by this section or this title. The stall renter shall have only a license to use the space reserved to him as provided in this title. There shall be no loaning or sublease of stalls except by the harbormaster.


Stalls are assigned to boat owners, rather than boats; a person buying a boat previously moored in the harbor shall have no rights to the previous owner's boat stall except as established by the harbor stall waiting list. The harbormaster has the authority to utilize the holder's reserved space for other boats during the absences of the holder's boat and to move moored boats to other locations in the event of fire or other emergency requiring such action. (Ord. 477 §5(part), 1989)

16.16.030 Fees due when--Rental period.

  1. Rental, moorage and launch ramp fees provided in this chapter shall be paid for prior to the occupancy or use of the facilities during the period for which the fees are assessed and shall be delinquent unless then paid. Except as specifically provided in this chapter, rental payments for stalls, permanent moorage and launch ramp fees shall be made annually, in advance, for a one-year period commencing October 1st and ending September 30th.
  2. A boat owner or his agent who rents a stall or permanent open moorage on or after April 1st shall pay the entire annual fee for the period ending September 30th; however, he shall be entitled to a fifty­ percent reduction in the moorage fee for the next twelve-month period beginning October 1st.
  3. Anyone wishing to terminate the use of their stall before April 1st of the year shall be eligible for a refund in the amount of one-half the moorage fees paid for that billing year. (Ord. 693 §5(part) May, 1996; Ord 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)

16.16.040 Appeal of charges or assessments.

The rates stated in this chapter are determined and found to be fair, just and reasonable rates. All rates charged or assessed by the harbormaster shall be charged or assessed according to the rates set forth in this title and paid by the owner, master or other persons having charge of the vessel on the demand of the harbor­master. Payments shall be made to the city treasurer. Any person or vessel owner against whom a charge is so levied or assessed by the harbormaster who considers the same to be improp­erly computed or assessed may apply to the council in writing for an adjustment and refund of such charge. Such application shall be made within fifty days from the date on which the charge is made, and the council shall determine whether the charge shall be adjusted or sustained at the first meeting at which the council has sufficient evidence available to make the determination; provided, however, that the council shall not hear any such protest or application unless the charge and assessment made by the harbormaster shall have been paid at the time of the assess­ment or within twenty-four hours thereafter. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984. prior code §15.40.010 (k); Ord 734 §5(part), 5/28/97)

382 (Haines 6/01)


16.16.050 Delinquent rental and moorage fees.

In the event rental and/or moorage fees are not paid within sixty days from the date of delinquency as outlined in Section 16.16.030, a penalty of ten percent of the rental and/or moorage fees due shall be levied against and added to the delinquent account. Transient moorage which must be invoiced will be charged at twice the normal rate. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.010(f); Ord. 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)

16.16.060 Failure to pay--Harbormaster's report.

Any owner, master or managing agent of any boat who fails to pay the moorage fees in this chapter and service fees as provided else­where in this title, at the time and place when such fees are due and payable, and for a period of thirty days thereafter, shall be personally liable to the city for such fees and charges. If a stall or open moorage renter has not paid moorage fees thirty days after they are due, he shall be notified by mail that unless he pays the delinquent amounts within five days he will lose his moorage. If the renter does not pay the delinquent amounts within the specified time, the delinquent stall renter shall lose his stall and the delinquent open moorage vessel shall be re­quired to leave the harbor. The harbormaster shall submit a report to the city council of all such de­linquencies and such report shall include the description of the boat, the name and address of its owner and the type and value of such fees as are delinquent. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.070)

16.16.070 Boat harbor fund created.

The treasurer of the city shall open and maintain a separate account entitled the

"Haines boat harbor fund". All mooring, rental and other fees received by the city arising out of the operation of the boat harbor and Letnikof Cove shall be deposited in this fund and used exclusively for such costs of operation, maintenance and supervi­sion of the boat harbor as the council may from time to time authorize, except that when advances are made to the Haines boat harbor fund by the city general fund, the Haines boat harbor fund may reimburse the general fund upon approval of the council. See also section 16.16.135. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984; Ord 692 §5(part) May, 1996: prior code §15.40.080)

16.16.080 Rental, moorage and seaplane float use fees.

Permanent open moorage vessels shall have priority over transient boats for available mooring space. Only one stall shall be allowed to any boat owner, except that the owner of a commercial vessel shall be permitted to rent one additional stall for a boat used solely for recreational purposes. A boat owner may not designate any other person as the recipient of his stall if he surrenders or forfeits it for any reason whatsoever. Stall rentals, moorage fees and seaplane float use fees provided in this chapter shall be paid to the city treasurer at the City Hall or to the harbormaster. A receipt shall be given to each person upon payment. The harbor­master shall daily deliver to the treasurer all money collected and a duplicate of each receipt. (Ord. 429 §5(part), 1987: Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.010(a); Ord 734 §5(part), 5/28/97)

16.16.090 Computation of annual fees.

Unless otherwise provided, annual fees for stall rentals and moorage shall be computed as follows:

Annual fee = $.95 x width x length

"Length" is the length of the stall rented or the actual length of the boat, whichever is greater.

16.16.100 Live-aboard assessment.

The harbormaster shall assess a monthly fee for all vessels on which people are living aboard of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month per vessel to compensate for their increased use of the harbor utility services (Ord. 429 §5(part), 1987: Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.010(b)(2); Ord. 734 §5(part), 5/28/97)

16.16.105 Permanent open moorage vessels.

  1. Permanent open moorage vessels are long-term vessels that shall qualify for moorage rates equal to the regular moorage rate for their size boat (See Section 16.16.090) by meeting the following conditions:
    1. Vessel has been on the waiting list for a permanent stall for at least one year;
    2. Fees are paid in advance;
    3. Owners must reside in the Haines Borough area during the months they receive the special rate, and be on call, or arrange for a responsible person, approved by the harbormaster, to be on call to move their boat if necessary for harbor repairs and upkeep;
    4. Vessel must be in the water year-round.
  2. The renter of a permanent stall may receive the same moorage rate described in A of this section for a second commercial vessel by meeting the conditions in subsections 2 and 3 of this section, provided the permanent stall fee is paid. From April 1st through September 30th these vessels shall be charged long-term transient moorage fees as set out in Section 16.16.130 §B. (Ord. 466 §5, 1988; Ord. 429 §5(part), 1987: prior code §15.40.010(b)(1); Ord. 812 §5(part), 1/5/00; Ord. 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)

The harbormaster shall maintain a waiting list of all persons desir­ing stall space and a seniority list of stall renters wishing to improve their stall location. As stall space becomes available, the first person on the seniority list shall have the option of exchanging his space and the first person on the waiting list shall then be assigned the vacant stall. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.015)

16.16.120 Unoccupied stalls.

If any stall remains unoccu­pied for ten consecutive days and if the moorage fees therefor have not been paid by the date due, the stall shall be released and the rental agreement cancelled by the harbormaster. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.040)

16.16.130 Transient boat moorage fees.

  1. Transient boats are vessels not assigned permanent moorage or permanent open moorage. Transient moorage fees shall be based upon vessel length.
  2. Transient moorage fees for boats using the harbor shall be assessed according to the following schedule:
    1. Short-term (less than two weeks):
      $ .30 (thirty cents) per lineal foot/day
    2. Long-term (two weeks and over):
      $3.50 per lineal foot/month

16.16.135 Boat launch ramp use/fees.

Any person launching or recovering a vessel from a trailer using a launch ramp owned or operated by the City of Haines must have first either pur­chased an annual launch ramp sticker from the Harbormaster or paid a daily fee. The annual fee for the use of all City boat launch ramps shall be $25 and shall be payable as provided for in section 16.16.030. Upon payment of such fees, a sticker shall be provided by the Harbor Master, which shall be prominently dis­played on the boat trailer.

Payment of such fees shall allow unlimited launching and retrieval of one boat per permit at any city boat launch facili­ty. A daily ramp use fee of $5.00 shall be charged to any person not wishing to obtain the annual permit sticker.

It is presumed that a trailer in a ramp parking lot or in the parking lot adjacent to the city's boat harbor facilities either has been used or is intended to be used to launch or recover a boat via a launch ramp owned and operated by the city of Haines. Use of any city launch ramp facility without payment of appropriate fees shall result in a fine of $50 per violation.

All boat launch ramp revenue shall be maintained in a separate cash reserve account and appropriated only for the maintenance, repair, reconstruction or new construction of boat launch ramps operated by the city. (Ord. 693 §5(part) May 1996)

16.16.140 Seaplane moorage and float rental fees.

Fees for the moorage of seaplanes or for the rental of the seaplane float shall be as follows:

Open Moorage Fee
Less than 3 hours No charge
3--24 hours $3.00
Each additional 24-hour period or fraction thereof $3.00

Rental of 24' by 36' Seaplane Float Per 24-hour period or fraction thereof $5.00

16.16.150 Boat houses, floats, scows, barges, pile drivers and dredges

Fee assessment basis. Boat houses, floats, scows, barges, pile drivers and dredges shall be moored in the harbor only on a temporary basis and only at the discretion of the harbormaster. When moorage for the above is allowed, fees for the same shall be assessed on length at twice the rate of other boats. The vessels and watercraft mentioned in this section shall not be used for live-aboard purposes while moored in the harbor. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.010(j); Ord. 734 §5(part), 5/28/97)

16.16.160 Electric service

Responsibility for payment. Electricity is supplied to the harbor by Haines Light & Power Co., a private utility. It shall be the responsibility of owners of boats moored in permanent stalls or in open moorage to arrange with the utility for electricity provided to the stalls and payment therefor. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.­010(g))

16.16.170 Electrical connection regulations and rates.

  1. Electrical connections to any vessel are under the direction of Haines Light & Power Co., the local electrical utility, and must comply with the following regulations:
    1. Cords with current carrying capacity of less than fifteen amps shall not be used.
    2. Flexible cords shall be used only in continuous lengths without splice or tape.
    3. Cords shall not be smaller than required for rated current of the connected equipment.
    4. Attachment plugs and connector bodies shall not be smaller than that required for rated current of the attached cord.
    5. Infrared heating lamps may be used with porcelain type sockets only.
    6. Any heater capable of causing a fire if over­turned must be equipped with a safety switch that will automatically disconnect electrical current if the heater is overturned.
    7. Attachment plugs shall be of the weatherproof type.
  2. The following power cords are approved for use and listed below by types:
    SO, ST, STO, PW, K & S.
  3. The following cords are not approved and must not be used:
    SP-3, SPT-3, TP, TPT, TST, AFC, AFPO, AFPD, CFC, DFPO, PO-1, PO-2, SPT-3, SPT-1, SP-1, C, PD, P-1, P-2, SV, SVT, SF, SJT, SJTO.
  4. Any cord not listed must be inspected and approved by Haines Light & Power Co., Inc., prior to being put into use.
  5. Current carrying capacity as shown below is required for flexible cords:

    Size, AWG Amps Size, AWG Amps

    14 .............. 15 8 .............. 36

    12 .............. 20 6 .............. 45

    10 .............. 25 4 .............. 60

  6. No electric cord from receptacles or meters shall be installed so that it lies on top of any walkway or in such a manner that it may accidentally be disconnected during snow removal or at any other time, and such installation shall be protected from mechanical damage at all times.
  7. Rates imposed shall be subscribed by the local electri­cal utility.
  8. Owners of vessels moored in permanent stalls to which electrical service is available or owners of vessels in permanent open moorage (winter rate) as defined by section 16.16.105 of this chapter who are placed in stalls to which electrical service is available, shall pay the City an annual service maintenance fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) if the electrical service is activated. The harbor­master shall also charge transient vessels utilizing stalls to which electrical service is available, and for which the annual service maintenance fee has not been paid, a service maintenance fee of five dollars per-year per-boat if the electrical service is activated. This charge is levied to defray the cost of maintenance of the electrical services, which is borne by the City. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.060; Ord. 734 §5(part), 5/28/97, Ord. 746 §5, 2/4/98)

16.16.190 Unlawful to moor without payment.

It shall be unlawful for any person to moor, berth, tie, attach or connect to any part of the Haines boat harbor facilities any boat, or other waterborne structure, without paying the rental charges pre­scribed in this title. Failure to pay designated berthing fees constitutes trespass and abandonment of the vessel; provided, however, it shall not be a violation of this section to tempo­rarily moor a vessel for a time not to exceed three hours. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.030)

16.16.200 Dead storage prohibited.

  1. It is declared that the Haines boat harbor facilities are installed and have been installed for the convenience of owners of boats who use them for navigation and not for the purpose of providing moorage for boats in dead storage or used as a residence.
  2. Permits may be issued allowing exception to this section under such conditions and regulations as the council may impose. An application for such permit shall be for a period of time not to exceed six months. Permits shall be issued fairly and without discrimination and shall be applicable to all under like condi­tions. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984: prior code §15.40.050)

16.16.210 Harbor Crane Use and Fees.

Any person using the harbor crane owned by the City of Haines must have first either purchased an annual use permit from the Harbormaster or paid a daily fee. The annual fee for the use of the harbor crane shall be $50. A daily crane use fee of $10 shall be charged to any person not wishing to obtain the annual permit. Prior to use, fees shall be paid and all persons will receive information on how to properly operate the crane. Crane users will certify, on a form provided by the City, that they can operate the crane properly and that the City of Haines is held harmless for any improper or unauthorized use. The Harbormaster shall implement a procedure to ensure use of the crane is limited to those with permits.

Use of the harbor crane without payment of appropriate fees shall result in a fine of $50 per violation. All harbor crane revenue shall be maintained in a separate cash reserve account and appropriated only for the maintenance, repair or replacement of harbor cranes operated by the City. (Ord. 827 §5(part), 6/7/00)

16.20.010 Registration.

Every owner, master or managing agent of any boat using the mooring facilities of the Haines boat harbor is required to register his name, telephone number, post office box and street address, and the name and number of his boat, its length, width and registered tonnage, if any, with the harbormaster on forms to be provided by him for that purpose, within eight hours after such boat enters and moors at any float in the boat harbor. No stall or space shall be used until it has been assigned and the rental therefor has been paid. (Ord. 341 §5 (part), 1984: prior code §15.50.010)

16.24.050 Services of Harbor Master – fees.

The Harbor Master is hereby granted the power and authority to, from time to tie, but without any obligation or duty to do so, and without any obligation or liability on the Harbor Master’s part or that of the city for his or her failure to do so, replace defective mooring lines, pump boats which are in dangerous condition for lack thereof, and to move any boat for the purpose of protecting the boat from fire or other hazard, or for the protection of other boats therefrom. Whenever the Harbor Master shall perform any of the acts hereinbefore authorized, after having given notice to the boat owner or operator at the registered address of the immediate need therefor, or having attempted to give such notice, the boat and owner thereof is hereby required to pay to the city the actual personnel cost to the city for such services plus the following fees:

  1. Replacing or securing with additional mooring lines: $20 plus the cost of the line
  2. Pumping: $20 plus rent of City pump, if used, at $12.50/hour (one hour minimum)
  3. Moving: $30

Any call-out for the emergency provision of these services by the Harbor Master outside of his regular working hours shall be billed at his overtime hourly rate -- minimum of two hours -- in addition to the above charges. (Ord. 341 §5(part), 1984:prior code §15.60.050; Ord. 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)

16.24.060 Unpaid rentals and fees – lien.

The city shall have a lien for any unpaid mooring rentals, and a lien for any unpaid fees for services provided by the Harbor Master; and, should any of such rentals and fees be unpaid or unsecured for ninety consecutive days after due, any boat, vessel or other floating structure upon which such rentals or fees have accrued shall be impounded and sold by the Harbor Master for the unpaid charges and fees under the provisions of Section 16.24.070. (Ord. 861 §5(part), 5/16/01)



Special joint-use permit available to small boat harbor stall renters.

  1. Any vessel for which annual moorage fees for the Haines small boat harbor are paid current, and who have paid an additional annual fee as set out in B. of this section and received a decal, shall be entitled to moor such craft at the Letnikof Cove Park boat facility at no additional fee provided the decal is displayed clearly on the craft
  2. Joint-use Permit Fees.

    Length of Boat Annual Fee

    0 - 24' $ 75.00

    25' - 40' 100.00

    41' - 60' 125.00

    61' - 80' 150.00

    81' and over 200.00

Transient Moorage Fees At Letnikof. The owners of any vessels for which moorage fees in the Haines small boat harbor are not paid current shall, within the hours of mooring at the Letnikof Cove Park boat facilities, register and pay all appro­priate fees at the pay station provided on the floats. It shall be unlawful for any person to moor, berth, tie, attach or connect to any part of the Letnikof Cove Park boat facilities, any boat or other waterborne structure without paying the rental charges prescribed in this title; provided, however, no fees shall be required to temporarily moor a vessel for a time not to exceed three hours. (Ord. 683 §5, April 1996)