Port of Juneau Facilities

Aurora Basin, 0.5 mile NW of Harris Harbor, has a project depth of 14 feet in the SE half and 12 feet in the NW half. The basin is protected on the NW side by a breakwater, marked by a light, and by a detached breakwater on the channel side. In April 1993, depths of 8 to 12 feet were available in the N part of the basin, and 12 to 14 feet in the S part. The basin can be entered at either end of the detached breakwater. The SE end of the detached breakwater is marked by a light.

Harris Harbor, immediately N of the bridge, has a 12-foot project depth and is protected by two rock-mound breakwaters. In April 1993, depths of 8 to 12 feet were available in the harbor. A light at the end of the N breakwater marks the entrance. (181) The harbor floats can accommodate over 178 commercial fishing vessels and about 136 pleasure craft. Berths for transients are available. A seaplane hangar and float are in the SE part of the harbor, and a 450-foot grid is in the NW part. Water and metered electricity are available at the floats.

Douglas Boat Harbor, on the inshore side of Juneau Isle, has a Federal project depth of 12 feet. The basin is protected by a 105-foot-long jetty, marked by a light, that extends from the westernmost end of the isle. In May 2000, the controlling depths in the basin were 8.4 to 12 feet with lesser depths along the project limits. Enter the basin between the jetty and the Douglas City Dock. (142) The small-craft floats in Douglas Boat Harbor, operated by the city of Juneau, can accommodate about 135 craft including transients. The basin has a boat launching ramp and a 52-foot grid. Water and electricity are available; fuel and other supplies can be obtained in Juneau.