Port of Sitka Facilities

The Crescent Bay Boat Basin, on the N side of Crescent Bay is about 0.35 mile ENE of the E end of Sitka-Mount Edgecumbe Highway Bridge. A Federal project provides for a 10-foot depth in the entrance channel and basin. In March 1997 the controlling depth was 10 feet in the entrance channel and basin except for lesser depths along the edges of the project. The basin is entered at the SW end between two breakwaters, which have their ends marked by lights. A shoal, marked by a buoy, is about 100 yards S of the W breakwater light. The floats can accommodate 500 small craft. Electricity is available, but water can be had only in the summer. No transient moorage is available. A boat-launching ramp is at the SW end of the basin.


Thomsen Harbor (Thomsen Boat Harbor), protected by an L-shaped floating breakwater, is the most northerly basin on the E side of Sitka Harbor, about 330 yardsNNWof Harbor Rock Daybeacon. In 1976, depths in the basin were reported to range from about 30 feet in the entrance and the W part of the basin to about 6 feet along the E side of the basin. About 260 craft can be accommodated alongside the floats where water and electricity are available. Transient berths are available. A boat-launching ramp is at the S end of the harbor.


Sealing Cove Boat Basin is at the SE end of Japonski Island between Mount Edgecumbe and Alice Island. In May 1987, the controlling depth was 8 feet in the entrance channel; a light and daybeacons mark the entrance channel. Transient berths, electricity,water, and a launching ramp are available in the basin. (186) A 50-foot small-craft fuel float with a depth of 12 feet alongside is on theNWside of the Standard Oil Company Wharf


The City Float, a divided basin with a N and S section, each with its own entrance, is on the E side of the harbor directly opposite the Government Wharf on Japonski Island. The basin is protected on the channel side by a log boom breakwater. In 1976, a depth of 6 feet was reported in the entrance channels and alongside the floats. There are 97 berths and 10 transient berths at the floats. Water and electricity are available


Tidal Grid: A steel and timber tidal-grid is available for use next to ANB Harbor along Katlian Street. Electricity, potable water and garbage services are provided. A small parking lot is located next to the grid for people using the facility. The grid is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Vessels are limited to 96 hours (four days) on the grid. Larger vessels (over 58 gross tons) must notify the Harbormaster before using the grid. In some case, a damage deposit must be posted and special precautions must be used, as directed by the Harbormaster. Please contact the Harbormaster prior to using the grid if there are question about your vessel. Transient vessel fees are 50 cents per foot per day fee.