Port of Sitka General Information

The Harbor Department of the City and Borough of Sitka enforces harbor regulations in all five city harbors and other city facilities. By the mooring of any vessel within the harbor system, the owner or master of any vessel agrees to follow the rules and requirements described herein.

Contacting Sitka's Harbormaster: On duty seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Contact via VHF Channel 16. Harbor office is located adjacent to Thomsen Harbor at 617 Katlian Street. Phone (907) 747-3439 Fax (907) 747-6278 Summer office hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. seven days a week, Tuesday following Memorial Day to Friday preceding Labor Day. Otherwise, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Harbor personnel will advise transient vessels by radio of available transient moorage. Moorage will not be assigned until the transient vessel arrives in Sitka.

Registration required - Transient Vessels: All transient vessels are required to register with the Harbormaster within eight hours of entering the harbor system. At the time of registration, all vessel owners will be advised of available services and fees.

Temporary Stalls: The Harbor Department may assign a vessel a stall on a temporary basis, depending on availablity. This is called "hot berthing." Owners of vessels granted temporary assignment must be ready to vacate if the permanent stall holder returns to the harbor.

Transient Services: Water, garbage and waste oil service are incorporated into transient fees.

Small Boat Electrical Service: The Harbormaster may temporarily allow a transient vessel to plug into an assigned meter. Where available, 30 ampere, 120 volt, 60 hertz single-phase service may be supplied for service to boats for $5 per day. 208, 50 amp power use fees are determined by actual use plus $10 for the meter readings. 50 or 100 amp, 3 phase power fees are also determined as actual usage plus $10 for readings. Utilizing assigned meters is a privilege and the Harbormaster frowns on meter use without permission. Violators will be issued citations for illegal use of a meter.

DESIGNATED NO WAKE ZONE STRICTLY ENFORCED. 3 miles per hour within the inner harbors and 5 miles per hour in the Channel between the rubblemound breakwater and the entrance to Crescent Harbor. See Sitka Harbors Diagram.


ALL berths are assigned by the Harbormaster - no moorage except by permission.

To the extent allowed by safety considerations, harbor lights, all bright lights, including vessel deck lights will be directed away from the shoreline.

The use of crab lights (sodium, mercury, crab, flood, etc.) is prohibited within the harbors and between the breakwaters and O'Connell Bridge.

LOUD NOISE OF ANY TYPE will be limited to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
PETS shall be on a lead and under control of the owner at all times. Pets shall not be allowed to defecate on the docks.

NO RIDING OF BICYCLES, or similar device on any municipal float.

DUMPING OF TRASH OF ANY KIND INTO SITKA HARBORS PROHIBITED. This includes tidal or upland areas along the beach or waterfront. Vessel owners shall not leave spoiled bait, fish or gear on their vessels in the harbor.

GARBAGE: Dumpsters are available at all harbors for use by harbor patrons. Items too large for the dumpsters are to be taken either to the Waste-to-Energy Plant on Sawmill Creek Road or the Municipal Landfill on Kimsham Street. Items should not be left on the floats or fingers of any of the harbors.

Waste Oil: Disposal tanks are provided at all harbors - look for them. Please do not dispose of gasoline or solvents in these tanks. When dumping waste oil, please clean debris and old filters off the screen when finished.

CLEANING FISH. It is unlawful to clean fish on any portion of a city and borough dock or float, except at designated fish cleaning stations. All tables are for the cleaning of sport-caught fish only, no commercially caught fish cleaning allowed. There are eight fish cleaning tables on the south end of theThomsen Harbor breakwater, two fish cleaning tables on the work float near the O'Connel Bridge, and four on the floating station outside Sealing Cove Harbor. Users are requested to clean up the areas after use.

STORAGE PROHIBITED. It is unlawful for any person to use any harbor for storage, on any floats, docks or gangways.

GEAR/CARGO LOADING FLOAT. No vehicle parking unless other arrangements have been made with the harbormaster.

The time limit on the loading float is two (2) hours.
Vehicle access shall be for vessels tied to the gear/cargo loading float only, when there is actual loading between vessel and vehicle.

LOADING ZONES: There are several loading zones located throughout the harbors. They are easily identified by the white paint along the bullrails. Loading zones have a one-hour time limit. There are some 30-minute areas in Crescent Harbor. There is also a loading dock located in Crescent Harbor that is used by commercial fishermen to load and unload gear. The covered area adjacent to this dock is available for fishermen to mend their nets. This same area is also used at various times for art shows, food booths and other activities.

NO MOORAGE AREAS are identified by yellow paint along the bullrails.

WORK FLOATS. No OVERNIGHT moorage without permission of the Harbormaster. There are two work floats available for fishermen to use to actively work on their boats or gear. The work float located on the west side of the Sitka Channel across from ANB Harbor is equipped with electricity and potable water is available year-round. The other float is available from April 15-September 15 and is located at the end of Float 4 at Crescent Harbor. No storage of any gear, nets or material is permitted without the Harbormaster's permission.

Tidal Grid: A steel and timber tidal-grid is available for use next to ANB Harbor along Katlian Street. Electricity, potable water and garbage services are provided. A small parking lot is located next to the grid for people using the facility. The grid is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Vessels are limited to 96 hours (four days) on the grid. Larger vessels (over 58 gross tons) must notify the Harbormaster before using the grid. In some cases, a damage deposit must be posted and special precautions must be used, as directed by the Harbormaster. Please contact the Harbormaster prior to using the grid if there are question about your vessel.

Boatsitter Logbook: The Harbor Department keeps a boatsitter's logbook at the Thomsen Harbor office. Transient vessels must provide a boatsitter if leaving their vessel unattended. Harbor Department staff will attempt to notify the logged boat sitter in the event of an emergency. A number where the owner can be reached should also be provided.