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e-CFR Data is current as of September 30, 2008

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters

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Section Contents

Subpart 76.01—Sale of Equipment

§ 76.01-1   Sale of equipment not readily procurable.
§ 76.01-5   Sale of condemned equipment.

Subpart 76.10—Federal Agencies

§ 76.10-1   Exemption.

Authority:   Sec. 92, 63 Stat. 503; sec. 641, 63 Stat. 547, as amended (14 U.S.C. 92, 641).

Source:   CGFR 52–15, 18 FR 14, Jan. 1, 1953, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart 76.01—Sale of Equipment
§ 76.01-1   Sale of equipment not readily procurable.

The Commandant is authorized to sell aids to navigation apparatus or equipment to foreign, state, or municipal governments or departments thereof; parties required to maintain private aids to navigation to mark wrecks, piers, or other obstructions; contractors engaged on public works; and in other cases in which in the judgment of the Commandant the public interest may be served: Provided:

(a) Such equipment has not been reported by the Coast Guard to the General Services Administration as excess (if the equipment has been reported to the General Services Administration as excess, the Commandant will submit the request to that administration for further action); and

(b) Such equipment is not readily procurable in the open market. Requests to purchase such apparatus or equipment shall give sufficient reasons why the article or articles cannot be readily procured in the open market. If the Commandant considers that an article can be readily procured in the open market the prospective purchaser will be so informed, and given the names of dealers or manufacturers. Sales shall be invoiced at cost plus 25 percent for overhead. Proceeds of such sales shall be deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the current appropriation for operating expenses, Coast Guard.

§ 76.01-5   Sale of condemned equipment.

When any condemned supplies, materials, or equipment cannot be profitably used in work of the Coast Guard, they will be disposed of under appropriate regulations of the General Services Administration. Applications for purchase of such materials may be submitted to the Commandant who will process them for further action under the applicable regulations.

Subpart 76.10—Federal Agencies
§ 76.10-1   Exemption.

Nothing in this part shall be construed to affect the regulations concerning the transfer of supplies, materials, equipment, or land between other Federal agencies.

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