US Coast Guard in Alaska - 17th District

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U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska

P. O. Box 25517
Juneau, AK 99802-5517
Area Code (907) 463-2025
Seventeenth District Command Center (907) 463 2000

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USCG 17th District MapBased in Juneau, Alaska, the Seventeenth District is responsible for the waters around Alaska, performing search and rescue, environmental protection, and the maintenance of waterways specifically icebreaking.

More than 3,900 members of "Team Coast Guard" accomplish a wide variety of missions in the 17th District. In a state that spans a distance normally covered by four time zones - with a coastline larger than that of the Lower 48 - it is easy to see the importance of the Coast Guard in Alaska. More than 2,500 active-duty members serve in Alaska. Helping with the missions are 417 Auxiliarists, 83 reservists and 258 civilian employees.

Because Alaska is a maritime state, search and rescue is an important mission. In 2010, Coast Guard men and women in Alaska have saved 142 lives, assisted more than 800 mariners, saved more than $58,000,000 in property, conducted 445 fisheries boardings, 693 commercial fishing vessel safety boardings and trained more than 700 commercial fishermen on coldwater survival, damage control and maritime safety regulations.

Coast Guard crews responded to more than 100 pollution incidents across Alaska, working with state and federal agencies maintaining the state's pristine environment. Alaska's Coast Guard also serviced 649 maritime aids to navigation and worked together with the volunteer arm of the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, performing more than 1,000 vessel safety checks.

There are 13 floating units based in Alaska: four 225-foot buoy tenders( SPAR in Kodiak, SYCAMORE in Cordova, HICKORY in Homer, and MAPLE in Sitka);one 175-foot buoy tender (ANTHONY PETIT in Ketchikan); five110-foot patrol boats( CHANDELEUR in Ketchikan, ANACAPA in Petersburg, LIBERTY in Auke Bay, MUSTANG in Seward and LONG ISLAND in Valdez); one medium-endurance cutter the ALEX HALEY in Kodiak; and one 65-foot buoy tender (ELDERBERRY in Petersburg). The 378 foot high endurance cutter MUNRO is based out of Kodiak. Two small-boat stations with 47-foot utility boats round out the district's floating assets. Augmenting the district's law enforcement efforts are several medium and high-endurance cutters that routinely patrol Alaskan waters from the West Coast and Hawaii. Six C-130 aircraft and 12 helicopters based at air stations Kodiak and Sitka provide additional platforms for law enforcement, marine environmental protection, search and rescue, and logistics support.

Alaska's waterways are its lifelines, making environmental protection and marine safety a major concern for Sector Juneau, Sector Anchorage and Marine Safety Unit Valdez. The Sectors and their five detachments, along with Vessel Traffic Service Valdez, meet these concerns. Seven buoy tenders and an aids-to-navigation team maintain nearly 1,300 navigational aids. Three of the district's six Long Range Navigation (LORAN) stations are among the Coast Guard's last isolated units.