Vessel Tracking Display Options


The Marine Exchange of Alaska’s PacTracs 2.0 is a user friendly Siitech vessel tracking display that presents vessels’ position reports and other information transmitted by vessel's AIS and/or satellite transponders via the web. PacTracs can be accessed by a computer, cell phone or PDA. The system allows users to select from a variety of display options as wel as search for vessels, establish arrival and departure alert messages and replay a vessel's past transits. A user's guide provides an explanation of the PacTRacs 2.0 tools and options.

MXAK has several vessel tracking options available ranging from displays that present data received from 100+ terrestrial AIS stations throughout Alaska and the Puget Sound to displays that include data from vessels over 100 miles offshore via satellite AIS and satellite transponders. Examples of the display options are provided below. Contact Rick Sypeck at or (907) 463-3064 to obtain more information on options or to subscribe to the system. .