Weather Introduction


Tee Harbor photoMarine Exchange weather is the most concise collection of weather information available to Alaska Mariners. Current forecasts, reference charts and weather condition warnings are just a few items available through the Marine Exchange of Alaska weather links.

Visit the National Weather Service to get current and historical weather data, including forecasts and climatology. Use the Marine Exchange Wind Chill Chart to determine the wind chill for various wind and actual temperature conditions. Reference the NOAA Weather Radio site to find call sign and frequency of the weather radio channel nearest to your location.



Weather Stations: Realtime Data

Ocean Data Explorer: Link to AOOS real time sensors

Marine Weather: Alaska Marine Forecasts

Public Forecasts: Links to public forecasts in the Alaska Region

Wind Chill: Wind chill information including term conditions and the newly revised NOAA wind chill chart.

Weather Radio: Transmitting stations, frequencies, and office locations for NOAA weather radio.

Weather Buoys: Links for real time National Weather Service weather buoy data. Easy to use map interface for Alaska waters.

Alaska Radar Maps: Links to Weather Underground radar maps

NWS GOES Satellite: Link to latest NWS satellite picture of Alaska

Arctic Data Integration Portal: Link to AOOS ice analysis

Enhanced Data Display: Link to NWS Weather display

Explanation of Significant Wave Height (.pdf)