"The 21st Century is evolving into the 'information age' where the collection, assessment, and dissemination of information will expand exponentially. The Marine Exchange of Alaska is an information broker and thus optimally positioned to participate in this wind shift. The application of machine to machine communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) are all working their way into our lives, including the maritime industry. Applied judiciously, these technologies are being used to enhance maritime safety, protect the environment,  and increase efficiency in marine transportation.

The Marine Exchange is continually scanning the horizon for the latest technologies and procedures that benefit Alaska and the maritime community, and agilely implementing new technologies for added value. Over the past 19 years, we've improved vessel tracking technologies and greatly expanded the options available to the maritime public. We remain an open architecture system, welcoming all new ideas that have the potential to enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

In 2001 we were limited to solely using satellite transponders to track vessels. Today we use both terrestrial and satellite Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) receivers, a variety of satellite transponders, and over 10 different software systems. We have also evolved into building and operating weather stations, current sensors and AIS transmitters to more efficiently send information to vessels.

Cumulatively, these technologies implemented by the Marine Exchange have prevented maritime casualties, reduced adverse environmental impacts, and enhanced the efficiency of marine transportation.

In summary, the future promises change, something we are very comfortable with. We will continue to lean forward and use our mission statement as the litmus test for what we take on. For us, the future is bright!"

Captain Ed Page
Captain Ed Page

Founder and Executive Director of MXAK, USCG (Retired)