New to Alaska in 2011, the towing vessel OLD BULL was designed by the Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. of Bristol, Rhode Island for Northern Maritime Logistics, LLC of Anchorage earlier this year.  The towing vessel has a registered length of 39 feet, a beam of 19 feet and is admeasured at 34 gross and 27 net tons. She is powered by two diesel engines each producing 340 horsepower to each of her twin propellers.  The tug is mated up with the newly constructed deck barge NML 100 which has a 96 foot registered length, 45 foot beam and 7 foot depth and is admeasured at 224 gross tons.  The barge was built at Eagle Fabrication, LLC , in Sauget, Illinois and assembled in Deadhorse.  The tug and barge are operating from Point Oliktok to the Nikaitchuq offshore drilling island off the north slope.

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