The fees for vessel tracking vary based on regions for which access is desired and what type of system(s) are used to track the vessel, e.g. AIS (Automatic Identification System) or Satellite transponders.

Satellite transponder fees vary by type of equipment and number of position reports.

For a separate fee, satellite equipment is available for lease.

Our basic tracking display (PACTRACS) allows a user to switch between tracking only their vessel(s) and all vessels, and has many other features (e.g. alarms, history, etc.) The “User’s Guide” reviews all of these capabilities, and more.

While custom vessel tracking options are available (see below), the simplest way to get started is with a $650 MXAK annual Associate Membership, which entitles a company or individual access to one Alaska wide AIS account. A $1,300 MXAK annual General Membership fee includes access to two accounts.

If AIS tracking meets your requirements, apply for a MEMBERSHIP now. If not, request a custom tracking proposal below.


To get a proposal for tracking your vessel(s) with satellites, complete this form.

Track Your Vessel(s)

In 4 simple steps!

  1. Complete and submit the online Enrollment form, describing your vessel tracking needs (e.g. number of vessels, reporting period and region(s)).

  2. A MXAK rep will review your enrollment, may contact you to clarify any questions, and then provide you with a proposal.

  3. Once services are agreed upon, you will recieve an email from: with the subject "Invoice from Marine Exchange of Alaska”.

  4. Shortly thereafter, a welcome aboard email will show up from with your new PACTRACS username and password.

During business hours, we can typically put together a proposal within a few hours. After business hours, or on the weekend, look for it to arrive the next business day. If you have not received it within these timeframes, please check your spam/junk folders for emails from the above addresses.

Got questions?  Jonathan or Rick can help.  907-463-2607

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