Port of Ketchikan

Environmental sensors for wind, weather, and tidal currents

  • A Horizontal 2D current profiler is installed in Thomas Basin at the end of float 5 at depth of 10 feet.
  • The sensor is oriented at a bearing of 260 degrees and was installed to capture the current flowing in, out and across the entrance of Thomas Basin.
  • Sampling is performed continuously and output as a 3-minute average approximately every 3 minutes.
  • Interpretation of current sensor arrows: While the profiler has a range of approximately 100m, there are several factors that will affect its accuracy. Reflections from passing boats or other objects will cause interference in the measurements. The current measurements highly depend upon a uniform or homogeneous flow of water across its two beams. Therefore, the accuracy of the measurements shown will be best at shorter distances from the sensor.
  • We ask that you report your observations to us if you witness significantly different conditions than are depicted here.
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