Marine Inspection

Coast Guard Regulations regarding Inspection of Vessels, Licensing of Marine Personnel and Certification of Seamen.

The links below lead to the different sections of Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations which apply to traditional marine inspection functions.
These are the regulations enforced by Marine Inspectors under the direction of the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection.

Title 46 Shipping
Chapter I Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security
Subchapter A Procedures Applicable to the Public

Part 1 Organization, General Course and Methods Governing Marine Safety Functions

Part 2 Vessel Inspections

Part 3 Designation of Oceanographic Research Vessels

Part 4 Marine Casualties and Investigations

Part 5 Marine Investigation Regulations - Personnel Action

Part 6 Waivers of Navigation and Vessel Inspection Laws and Regulations

Part 7 Boundary Lines

Part 8 Vessel Inspection Alternatives

Part 9 Extra Compensation for Overtime Services

Subchapter B Merchant Marine Officers and Seamen

Part 10 Merchant Mariner Credential

Part 11 Requirements for Officer Endorsements

Part 12 Requirements for Rating Endorsements

Part 13 Certification of Tankermen

Part 14 Shipment and Discharge of Merchant Mariners

Part 15 Manning Requirements

Part 16 Chemical Testing

Subchapter C Uninspected Vessels

Part 24 General Provisions

Part 25 Requirements

Part 26 Operations

Part 27 Towing Vessels

Part 28 Requirements for Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels

Subchapter D Tank Vessels

Part 30 General Provisions

Part 31 Inspection and Certification

Part 32 Special Equipment, Machinery and Hull Requirements

Part 34 Firefighting Equipment

Part 35 Operations

Part 36 Elevated Temperature Cargoes

Part 38 Liquefied Flammable Gases

Part 39 Vapor Control Systems

Subchapter E Load Lines

Part 42 Domestic and Foreign Voyages by Sea

Part 44 Special Service Limited Domestic Voyages

Part 45 Great Lakes Load Lines

Part 46 Subdivision Load Lines for Passenger Vessels

Part 47 Combination Load Lines

Subchapter F Marine Engineering

Part 50 General Provisions

Part 52 Power Boilers

Part 53 Heating Boilers

Part 54 Pressure Vessels

Part 56 Piping Systems and Appurtenances

Part 57 Welding and Brazing

Part 58 Main and Auxiliary Machinery and Related Systems

Part 59 Repairs to Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Appurtenances

Part 61 Periodic Tests and Inspections

Part 62 Vital System Automation

Part 63 Automatic Auxiliary Boilers

Part 64 Marine Portable Tanks and Cargo Handling Systems

Subchapter G Documentation and Measurement of Vessels

Part 67 Documentation of Vessels

Part 68 Documentation of Vessels Pursuant to Extraordinary Legislative Grants

Part 69 Measurement of Vessels

Subchapter H Passenger Vessels

Part 70 General Provisions

Part 71 Inspection and Certification

Part 72 Construction and Arrangement

Part 76 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 77 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Part 78 Operations

Part 80 Disclosure of Safety Standards and Country of Registry

Subchapter I Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels

Part 90 General Provisions

Part 91 Inspection and Certification

Part 92 Construction and Arrangement

Part 93 Stability

Part 95 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 96 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Part 97 Operations

Part 98 Special Construction, Arrangement, and Other Provisions for Certain Dangerous Cargoes in Bulk

Part 105 Commercial Fishing Vessels Dispensing Petroleum Products

Subchapter I-A Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

Part 107 Inspection and Certification

Part 108 Design and Equipment

Part 109 Operations

Subchapter J Electrical Engineering

Part 110 General Provisions

Part 111 Electric Systems - General Requirements

Part 112 Emergency Lighting and Power Systems

Part 113 Communication and Alarm Systems and Equipment

Subchapter K Small Passenger Vessels Carrying More than 150 Passengers or with Overnight Accommodations for More than 49 Passengers

Part 114 General Provisions

Part 115 Inspection and Certification

Part 116 Construction and Arrangement

Part 117 Lifesaving Equipment and Arrangements

Part 118 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 119 Machinery Installation

Part 120 Electrical Installation

Part 121 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Part 122 Operations

Subchapter L Offshore Supply Vessels

Part 125 General

Part 126 Inspection and Certification

Part 127 Construction and Arrangements

Part 128 Marine Engineering: Equipment and Systems

Part 129 Electrical Installations

Part 130 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Equipment and Systems

Part 131 Operations

Part 132 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 133 Lifesaving Systems

Part 134 Added Provisions for Liftboats

Subchapter N - Dangerous Cargoes

Part 147 Hazardous Ship's Stores

Part 147A Interim Regulations for Shipboard Fumigation

Part 148 Carriage of Bulk Solid Materials that Require Special Handling

Subchapter O - Certain Bulk Dangerous Cargoes

Part 150 Compatibility of Cargoes

Part 151 Barges Carrying Bulk Liquid Hazardous Material Cargoes

Part 153 Ships Carrying Bulk Liquid, Liquefied Gas, or Compressed Gas Hazardous Materials

Part 154 Safety Standards for Self-Propelled Vessels Carrying Bulk Liquefied Gases

Subchapter Q Equipment, Construction, and Materials: Specifications and Approval

Part 159 Approval of Equipment and Materials

Part 160 Lifesaving Equipment

Part 161 Electrical Equipment

Part 162 Engineering Equipment

Part 163 Construction

Part 164 Materials

Subchapter R Nautical Schools

Part 166 Designation and Approval of Nautical School Ships

Part 167 Public Nautical School Ships

Part 168 Civilian Nautical School Vessels

Part 169 Sailing School Vessels

Subchapter S Subdivision and Stability

Part 170 Stability Requirements for all Inspected Vessels

Part 171 Special Rules Pertaining to Vessels Carrying Passengers

Part 172 Special rules Pertaining to Bulk Cargoes

Part 173 Special Rules Partaining to Vessel Use

Part 174 Special Rules Pertaining to Specific Vessel Types

Subchapter T Small Passenger Vessels (Under 100 Gross Tons)

Part 175 General Provisions

Part 176 Inspection and Certification

Part 177 Construction and Arrangement

Part 178 Intact Stability and Seaworthiness

Part 179 Subdivision, Damage Stability, and Watertight Integrity

Part 180 Lifesaving Equipment and Arrangements

Part 181 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 182 Machinery Installation

Part 183 Electrical Installation

Part 184 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Part 185 Operations

Subchapter U Oceanographic Research Vessels

Part 188 General Provisions

Part 189 Inspection and Certification

Part 190 Construction and Arrangement

Part 193 Fire Protection Equipment

Part 194 Handling, Use, and Control of Explosives and Other Hazardous Materials

Part 195 Vessel Control and Miscellaneous Systems and Equipment

Part 196 Operations

Subchapter V Marine Occupational Safety and Health Standards

Part 197 General Provisions

Subchapter W Lifesaving Appliances and Arrangements

Part 199 Lifesaving Systems for Certain Inspected Vessels