Navigation Safety

The regulations below are often spoken of as the Navigation Safety Regulations. They are normally enforced by boarding officers from the Port Operations Department of a Coast Guard Sector Office under the supervision of the Captain of the Port.

Title 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters
Chapter I Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security

33 CFR Subchapter A General

Part 1 General Provisions

Part 2 Jurisdiction

Part 3 Coast Guard Areas, Districts, Marine Inspection Zones, and Captain of the Port Zones

Part 5 Coast Guard Auxiliary

Part 6 Protection and Security of Vessels, Harbors, and Waterfront Facilities

Part 19 Waivers of Navigation and Vessel Inspection Laws and Regulations

Part 20 Rules of Practice, Procedure, and Evidence for Formal Administrative Proceedings of the Coast Guard

Part 26 Vessel Bridge to Bridge Radiotelephone Regulations

33 CFR Subchapter C Aids to Navigation

Part 62 United States Aids to Navigation System

Part 64 Marking of Structures, Sunken Vessels and Other Obstructions

Part 66 Private Aids to Navigation

Part 67 Aids to Navigation on Artificial Islands and Fixed Structures

Part 70 Interference With or Damage to Aids to Navigation

Part 72 Marine Information

Part 74 Charges for Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Work

Part 76 Sale and Transfer of Aids to Navigation Equipment

33 CFR Subchapter D International Navigation Rules

Part 80 COLREGS Demarcation Lines

Part 81 72 COLREGS Implementing Rules

Part 82 72 COLREGS Interpretative Rules

Part 83 - Rules

33 CFR Subchapter E Inland Navigation Rules

Part 84 Annex I: Positioning and Technical Details of Lights and Shapes

Part 86 AnnexIII: Technical Details of Sound Signal Appliances

Part 87 Annex IV: Distress Signals

Part 88 Annex V: Pilot Rules

Part 89 Inland Navigation Rules: Implementing Rules

Part 90 Inland Rules: Interpretative Rules

33 CFR Subchapter F Vessel Operating Regulations

Part 95 Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Dangerous Drug and

Part 96 Rules for the Safe Operation of Vessels and Safety Management Systems

33 CFR Subchapter G Regattas and Marine Parades

Part 100 Safety of Life on Navigable Waters

33 CFR Subchapter I Anchorages

Part 109 General

Part 110 Anchorage Regulations

33 CFR Subchapter J Bridges

Part 114 General

Part 115 Bridge Locations and Clearances; Administrative Procedures and

Part 116 Alteration of Unreasonably Obstructive Bridges

Part 117 Drawbridge Operation Regulations

Part 118 Bridge Lighting and Other Signals