Advance Notice of Arrival

The Coast Guard requirements for giving advance Notice of Arrival are found in 33 CFR 160. The basic requirement is that notice must be given not less than 96 hours before arrival in a United States Port. If the Estimated Time of Arrival changes by more than 6 hours the advance notice must be updated. The notice must be provided to the National Vessel Movement Center.

Below is a link to the final rule concerning filing of the advance notice of arrival. We also have posted a User Guide for filing electronic notices of arrival and departure and another guidance document for electronic filing.

The notice of arrival requirements also now ask for information concerning the passengers and crew onboard. These are Customs requirements which can be fulfilled by properly filing the advance notice of arrival with the Coast Guard. We have also posted the U.S. Customs final rule concerning these requirements. See the attached information below.

For additional information visit the National Vessel Movement Center site.

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