Since 2004, the Marine Exchange has been building and operating one of the largest vessel tracking systems in the world encompassing some of the most expansive and dangerous waters. The information on vessels locations is provided to the Coast Guard and others in the expansive Alaska and international maritime community to aid safe, efficient, secure and environmentally sound maritime operations. The graphic at right shows the locations of MXAK’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiving stations in Alaska that bring in millions of vessels’ position reports every day. The information is compiled, displayed and monitored at our 7x24 Operations Center in Juneau. Our watchstanders alert the Coast Guard, owners and operators and responders when the system indicates a vessel has lost power or incurred a casualty or entered an Area to be Avoided (ATBA). We have worked with our partner marine exchanges to expand this system to other areas of the Pacific Coast as well as with satellite AIS providers to provide coverage for users of the system.

The Marine Exchange is also able to incorporate data transmitted by various satellite transponders to track fishing vessels, barges and other vessels where AIS is not used. We are also expanding the benefits of AIS technology to digitally transmit weather and other safety information to mariners.

Access to the Marine Exchange’s PACTRACS is provided via membership and a subscription service, the cost of which is based on the area of coverage and data accessed. Terrestrial AIS coverage for Alaska is our entry option. Access to terrestrial and satellite AIS data for the entire North Pacific from the equator to the Arctic is also available as well as options between these two. Our software system, PACTRACS, is a user friendly vessel tracking display that presents vessels’ position reports, dimensions, type of vessel and other information transmitted by vessel's AIS and/or satellite transponders via the web. The display can be accessed by a computer, cell phone or PDA and allows users to select from a variety of display options as well as search for vessels, establish arrival and departure alert messages and replay a vessel's past transits.

For information on options, fees and enrollment in the Marine Exchange vessel tracking system, select the button.