The professionals at Marine Exchange of Alaska’s have accumulated extensive experience in the inspection of vessels, maritime operations, and the application and compliance with state and federal maritime regulations.

Marine Exchange members can tap this expertise to aid in their compliance with federal, state and international maritime safety, security and environmental regulations.

Marine Exchange staff are available to provide more extensive regulatory compliance services at a reasonable rate and in some cases, can serve as expert witnesses for investigations and court proceedings.

Technical Services Offered:

  • Development of Vessel and Facility Security Plans
  • Conduct of Vessel and Facility Security Audits and Training
  • Development of Vessels’ Safety and Environmental Management Plans
  • Port Environmental Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Hazardous Materials Security Plans
  • Responses to Deficiency and Violation Reports
  • Facility and Vessel Oil Pollution Response Plans meeting State or Federal Regulations
  • Port Planning
  • Preparation of Special Permits for Transport of Hazardous Materials