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Satellite Feed Outage


~5/15/2024 9:45am ADT

PACTRACS Users (PLATINUM Members Only),

We have an outage currently from our Satellite Providers feed that goes into PACTRACS.  Their Development team is investigating to identify the source of the issue and devise a solution.

If you have any questions or need assistance don't hesitate to give us a call.



~2/8/2024 – 9:20ADT


We have a scheduled network maintenance period on Saturday February 10th,2024 that will affect PACTRACS ( The scheduled maintenance window is 9:00am-9:00pm Alaska Standard Time.

You may notice some degradation in PACTRACS performance during this time.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.



~12/18/2023 – 9:09ADT


PACTRACS System has feed back online and running within normal parameters



AIS signal delay, currently troubleshooting Issue 


~12/18/2023 – 


We are currently experiencing delays with AIS signals fed into the PACTRACS system.  We are troubleshooting and working to have our feed back online as soon as possible. What that means is if you look at your vessel the signal could be several hours old.




~8/10/2023 – 


     We have just enabled a new feature in the mobile version (tablets and phones) of PACTRACS that many have requested for sometime.

To access: Once you are logged into PACTRACS on your phone/tablet,  If you click on the 3 lines on the toolbar at the bottom left it will bring up the main menu like below. You now have the option to change filters and/or zones in the mobile version by using the drop-down menus see pic below in red box.  With this new capability you will no longer need to go back to the desktop version to change filters or zones when you are using the mobile version.

A Big Thanks! to our programmers for adding this new feature and If you have any questions don't hesitate to send them our way.


Historical Messages




~2/28/2023 – 


     We will be having a scheduled maintenance on our network that will affect PACTRACS ( 
The Scheduled Window for the outage is 6:00-8:00am Alaska Time this Thursday 3/2/2023.
It should last less than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.


Heading down to Pacific Marine EXPO in Seattle

~11/15/2022 – PACTRACS Users,

We will have a booth at the Pacific Marine Expo this week.  If you have questions about PACTRACS, need some tips, interested about our new GOLD feed offerings or just want to see how we are doing....stop by our booth #4122 at the Alaska Hall.


Membership Update Announcement

~9/9/2022 – PACTRACS Users,

In alignment with our non-profit mission, we continue to strive to deliver a portfolio of maritime services to our members at the best price. With recent economic impacts being felt across the nation, we developed a lower cost option for obtaining satellite AIS data that would still meet most of our members’ needs.

For instance, currently if you have a Satellite login (Chiefmate) you are paying $1400 a year if you switch to the New Gold level the cost is $1120 a year, a savings of $280.  Check out our Benefits and Services table below and, if you want to try one of our new GOLD membership levels or just have questions about your login either; send us an email or give us a call at 907-463-4850

On the other hand, if you want to stay with your current PACTRACS plan no action is needed.  




~7/14/2022 – PACTRACS Users,

We released an update for PACTRACS yesterday that targeted the issue that was identified recently. If you are still experiencing loss of functionality, please contact us right away so we can diagnose the issue further for your particular case.

We’re sorry for any problems this has caused, and we remain committed to restoring the full functionality that you’re accustomed to receiving from PACTRACS.


 ~7/12/2022 ‐

We had an update to the Vessel Display system this afternoon.

One of the updates was to the version on your ipad or tablet, as there were still some issues with losing targets when zooming in and out.  Please log-in with your mobile device and give us feedback on whether you see improvement.  Make sure to complete steps below before hand.



1) Go to the “Settings” page on the iPhone.  Scroll down and press “Safari”.



2) Ensure the “Block Cookies” line says “Never”, Press “Clear History” and Press “Clear Cookies and Data if that option is present”



Then restart phone/tablet.  Log-In and see if issues have been resolved.


3/15/2022 – Welcome to the new messaging board.  This is a way for us to communicate with PACTRACS users in a more efficient way then to send out 500 emails.  When we have an item to communicate, we will highlight the number 1 icon on the PACTRACS toolbar in red, like below;





Letting you all know there is a message awaiting.  When you click on the number 1 icon it should pop-up this message board letting you know the information.  This message board will include the current message in black and historical messages with dates greyed out.  Once you click on the number 1 icon it should then remove the red highlight.