The Panamanian flag bulk carrier NEW DYNAMIC lies at anchor in Auke Bay near Juneau while waiting for a loading berth at the Greens Creek Mine in Hawk Inlet in July 2014. The ship was built at the Shikoku Dockyard Company Ltd in Takamatsu Japan in 2007. Admeasured at 21,059 Gross Tons and 11,954 Net Tons, the ship has an overall length of 576 feet, a beam of 93 feet and she draws 34 feet of water when loaded to her 35,278 dead weight ton capacity. She is powered by a 6 cylinder B & W Design diesel engine manufactured by the Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Company which provides 8900 horsepower to her single propeller. She is capable of 16 knots. She made the voyage from Kobe Japan to Auke Bay in 12 days before dropping anchor in Auke Bay.


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