She is admeasured at 62,318 Gross Tons and 35,879 Net Tons and propelled by a single MAN 7S90ME-C9 marine diesel engine. The ship is owned by the ExxonMobil Corporation and operated by SeaRiver Maritime, Inc. of Houston, Texas.


U.S. flag double hull crude oil tanker LIBERTY BAY is shown. This newest addition to the TAPS trade was built at the Aker Shipyard in Philadelphia with constructed completed in 2014. In May of 2014 the ship departed Philadelphia for the Texas Gulf Coast.  After a few months calling in Houston and Corpus Christi she called at Statia Terminals in St. Eustatius in mid August before rounding South America  heading for Long Beach, California. The ship made her maiden voyage port call in Valdez on October 1, 2014, and is settling into the routine of the Valdez-Long Beach-Puget Sound-Valdez shuttle. The ship has an overall length of 823 feet, a beam of 143.7 feet and draws 48 feet of water when loaded to her 114,820 dead weight ton capacity (817,661 barrels).


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